New Q-Ray scam ad hits the airwaves.

Saw my first TV ad for the Q-Ray ionized bracelet today. Yet another in a long line of quack medical products. For only $100 you get a seemingly normal bracelet that has been “ionized” that will change your life! Normally they charge $150, but through this special TV offer they will drop one of the $49.95 payments.

Interestingly enough the TV ad is completely free of any information on what, exactly, this wonder bracelet is supposed to do for you. You see a lot of testimonials by very enthusiastic people about how wonderful it is and how much it’s changed their lives, but no one ever says what it is that the bracelet does. The website is also amazingly free of claims of what the bracelet is supposed to accomplish. So what does it do?

Well the ads weren’t always so free of claims and in the past the major claim was that this wonder bracelet would relive pain throughout the body. The claims as I recall were something like the bracelet is “a natural way to keep the body’s energy force, or ‘qi,’ healthy”. The publication of a study by the Mayo Clinic that determined there was no evidence supporting the Q-Ray maker’s claims probably has a lot to do with the removal of all such claims from their advertising and their website. Now they won’t tell you what it does, just that it’s wonderful and lots of people have it and are happy with it.

Do yourself a favor and spend that $100 on some good aspirin.

21 thoughts on “New Q-Ray scam ad hits the airwaves.

  1. But wait…. there’s more…. If you call in the next thirty minutes we will send you a dozen Jesus cookies and a set of ginsu kinves.  It slices, it dices…..

  2. AND… if you mention this ad when you call, you’ll recieve $10 off the fabulous KarmaNIZER.. For only three payments of $19.95 you’ll recieve this cosmically-tuned KarmaNIZER.  What may appear to be nothing more than a spray painted Duplo block is scientifically-calibrated to pull in and concentrate psychically positive Karmic rays, thus increasing the happiness and prosperity of your entire family!! Don’t let this once in a life time opportunity!!

  3. 😀 You guys are killing me over here!

    I wonder if it’ll take a month or so before the Q-Ray fans start showing up and making semi-coherent replies with several correctly spelled words to this entry like it took for the Teslar watch fans on that one?

  4. You guys really shouldn’t mock the health benefits of ionization.  I’ve been a proponent of ionization for years now, and I KNOW that it works.

    If you are interested, send 30$ C/O UMustBKiddin Wa.  I will ship your “ionization fork” immediately.  All you have to do is insert the end that looks like, well, a fork, into any household electrical outlet, and you too can experience the shocking transformation that comes with *ionization*

  5. Nowiser,

    I wonder if you ever picked up a copy of “Never Strikes Twice”—apparently the definitive source of information on deriving benefit from one of natures most potent and pure forms of ionization.

    Apparently, there are places that for a modest fee will take you to secret locations where in a few seconds you can benefit from a full 1.21 gigawatts of pure, all-natural healthy ionization.

    I’m thinking this is much more pure and healthy than a bracelet or fork. Any thoughts?

              -thank you

  7. Wow, Matt…that’s pretty cool about your teacher admitting it was a sales gimmick. Then again, I guess people that take their art seriously (whatever it may be) don’t want to see huckter bullshit continue.

    I know absolutely nothing about the martial arts and have heard of the magic of “qi”, so I respect his style. Dispelling myths is a noble art in itself, IMO.

  8. Q-Ray sucks. I guess no one really understands what ionization is… Well let me explain, all it is charged atoms so if you really want an ionized bracelet go find yourself a piece of aluminum foil make a “C” shape with it around your wrist and plug it into the wall. Sure you’ll die, but at least that will be one less moron on the planet.

  9. the Q ray is a waste of money and time,1: very long commmercial, 2:almost imposible to believe its crap its telling you on the very long commercial, 3:The most unbeliable thing on television since the X-files…:snake:hah! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME! sincerly AtheA,  cool smirk

  10. yo matt dude, chi is a scam and you believe it… all i have to do to stop you from throwing me around is not believe it (not believe you can/cause interference) and you have no chi that can move a hair on me … but if i believed as you and the people u throw around the matt yes it is real… see anything here

  11. cool smirkHey, I have contacted the Canadian Government asking them to investigate the outlandish claims made by Q Ray on TV. They have replied and MAY do so.

    BUT, while I do NOT believe any of their claims, and am sure it is a SCAM, a friend just got one and tells me that it does work. Think maybe we’re going off “half-cocked” here???

    IN CASE you think maybe I am with Q Ray and you do not believe me, here is the reply from the government:

    Your e-mail to the Minister of Health has been forwarded to me for
    response.  We apologize for the delay in responding.

    A copy of this e-mail detailing your concerns about claims made on TV by
    the Q Ray people has been forwarded to our Operational Centres for review
    and possible investigation.  Further concerns can be submitted directly to
    the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate:

        to the attention of Roy Thaller
        Western Operational Centre
        Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate
        4595 Canada Way, 4th floor
        Burnaby, British Columbia
        V5G 1J9
        Telephone: (604) 666-3709 or
        Inspectorate Hotline: 1-800-267-9675


    Yves Fortin
    Medical Device Compliance Unit
    Compliance and Enforcement Coordination Division
    Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate
    Health Canada
    250 Lanark Avenue
    3rd floor, Graham Spry building
    Ottawa, ON   K1A 0K9

    Tel.:  613-954-6666
    Fax.: 613-954-0941

  12. a day at q ray headquarters
    “q ray bracelets are getting returned! what should we do with them!!!”
    “crush them and sell them as a cure for cancer.”
    “false hope!!! I love it!!!”
    the marketing strategy currently used is scare the person into thinking they have a problem
    give them false hope
    nothing new with q ray

  13. I cnat complain about my Q Ray bracelet since I paid nothing for it cause it came in a box of junk it lives up to it’s reputation …JUNK.

  14. you guys are all wrong with your weird claims, first of all this bracelet is made of a metal which is scientifically impossible to ionize, so rigth there you know the company is lying already and if there going to lie about the product it self who’s to say they are not lying about what is does also.

  15. All of these foolish people spending money to supposedly get Ionized.Why back when I was a child,I used to just stick a damp J-cloth into the light socket of the fridge.And now today I am still very blissful,so blissful and happy that I occasionally drool.And it hardly cost me a thing.

  16. @Matt
    Hey when you said you were able to throw around younger students,were you talking about little kids : D

  17. While it appears that the Q-Ray does nothing when worn on the wrist, I have heard numerous testimonials as to its benefits when worn as a cock ring.

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