New photo gallery in place.

I’ve switched the photo gallery we were using for our website from Gallery (which ends up being a bigger pain in the ass than it should be) to Coppermine and am in the process of moving the albums from one package to the other. Alas, there is no import script available to make the process easy, but that’s OK as I needed to go back and re-do some of the pictures anyway. I’ve added a link to the photo gallery to the sidebar and you can check it out by clicking here. Assuming, of course, you have any interest.

I’m working on scanning in some older photos I got from my mother’s house for inclusion in the gallery including one of Momma, Cindy and myself from many years ago.

2 thoughts on “New photo gallery in place.

  1. Say, this is the first I’ve seen pictures of your wedding.  Neat how you got Courtney involved in the ceremony.

    Where was it?

  2. They were there in the old gallery. grin It was held at an outdoor gazebo in downtown Plymouth. The weather was very symbolic. The day started off overcast with a light drizzle and by the end of the ceremony the sun had come out and it had improved dramatically. We thought it was a nice analogy on how every marriage has it’s good and bad days.

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