New Ager’s gearing up for “The Harmonic Concordance.”

I love reading New Age Spirituality related websites. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better example of pseudo-religious messages mixed with scientific sounding gobbledygook than what you’ll find on the average New Ager’s homepage. Reading these pages is about as surreal as you can get without making use of mind altering drugs and I’m willing to bet that more than a few New Agers make use of said drugs themselves.

I came across a site detailing the upcoming “Harmonic Concordance” (due to occur between November 8th and November 23rd) via an indirect route. I was checking my referrer log and noticed a link back from a message forum to an entry I did on some scientists who did a study on astrology that backs up the idea that astrology is nonsense. Seems the person who posted that link in the message forum was responding to someone else who had started a thread on the Harmonic Concordance in which he quoted part of a website called Quantum Awakenings about what this event is supposed to be. Here’s the relevant text from the QA website:

The Harmonic Concordance is an intersection of future probabilities, which extends through all time and space. An ecliptic light acceleration doorway is issued from November 8. 2003 (lunar eclipse) to November 23, 2003 (solar eclipse) opening the iris of the Great Central Sun. As the Star of David wraps itself around the planet earth it awakens within every heart cell a new level of love made visible.

A galactic intersection of powerful ‘enters and exits’ merges within itself as the sacred vibration of the Harmonic Concordance merges with the 11th 11:11 GATEWAY on November 11, 2003. This particular 11:11 Gateway aligns itself with Super Galactic Center a point of creation, which is thought to define our spiritual origin. Super Galactic Center is a reference point to where the Virgo cluster marks the center of the Super Universes. The super giant cluster M-87 is composed of ancient stars in the Virgo cluster which lies very close to a massive black hole which a believed to be about 5 billion times the mass of our sun. M87 is nestled in a sea of quasars, which emits signal signatures from entire ancient galaxies, which give off a stream of continuous undefined energy broadcasts.

Wow. It’s hard to imagine how you can think shit like that up without a heavy reliance on hallucinogenic drugs. So the “Harmonic Concordance” is something along the lines of a sequel to the “Harmonic Convergence” that took place back in 1987. Remember that? When all those New Agers gathered at various spots around the world considered to be nexus points for mystical energies and attempted to raise their minds to a higher level of consciousness that would result in a rebirth of the world as we know it? Well it seems they’re going to try it again.

But this isn’t just an excuse to wax eloquent on hazy ethereal abstract concepts designed to give the reader some serious warm and fuzzies, no siree! This is an opportunity to sell you products of dubious worth! Continuing…

This blend of several unique and powerful essences comes to give us an energetic heads up as well as a nudge into ‘a knowing’, which will determine how we place our energies and attentions in upcoming time shifts. Within this essence lives several layers of activation each one offering a unique opportunity to move past the point of comfortability and quantum leap forward into love made visible in the form of higher choices of probable outcomes.


Seen and unseen it shines through all outcomes announcing itself in very subtle yet powerful insights.

WITHIN THIS SPECIAL SACRED ESSENCE BLEND lives 11+11 vibrations and essences (22 in all) of Peruvian orchids, flowers, gems, star vibrations, sacred symbols, healing waters, pyramidal energies and pure love. Each bottle is lovingly created and handled with honor.

This Special Essence Blend is Downloaded with the Following ‘STAR EMANATIONS.’

This super giant cluster of stars within Super Galactic Center offers us a doorway to learn conversion, inversion and re-version. Asking us to allow a higher form to come into all of our choices. Asking us to redefine our abilities as seen through the Creator’s eyes, opening us to the fact that love is everywhere and everything, and beyond that is even more love. Moving all the love that lives within all material and matter into a higher format of creation allowing it and us to unfold into pure undiluted potential,

Global Cluster M-5
This cluster has a powerful entranceway as its center, which is a transfer point for many galaxies. It opens a doorway for various stars thorough out the universe to share their knowledge and assist others into a quickening of evolutionary patterns. Our Milky Way galaxy is part of this program. Billions and billions of galaxies pour their energies and light into this connection point.

M-42 the Great Orion Nebula
This nebula incorporates the highest and the best thought forms and brings them together to show how a common denominator of evolution is possible. This nebula teaches how to create a pure outcome from a negative thought or experience transmuting it into a higher alchemical composition, once again conversion and inversion of light.

Global Cluster M-92
This star system allows one to understand the symbiotic relationship of the sun, earth and humanity. Allows one to understand at a cellular level the co-creation relationship one has with God. This star vibration is a time portal attuning other galaxies to our Milky Way galaxy. It allows deeper awareness of multiple times and probabilities. Thus enhancing ones choices and creations to be more illuminated.


Wow! That must be some powerful shit in that little potion you got there! It must take some serious technology to imbue that stuff with essences from such massive and distant cosmological bodies.

So by now you may be wondering just what this wonder elixir does, I know I certainly am. I’ll have to continue to wonder as well as the webpage doesn’t actually say what it does, but whatever it does it must be pretty damned impressive what with all those galactic essences and vibrations it has in it. What the webpage does tell you is that a small one-ounce bottle of this amazing stuff will set you back $22. Plus there’s a separate book all about the concordance that’ll cost a mere $13.50. And a big three-day event in Florida that’s a mere $75 with all meals included! We won’t mention the workshops.

Well, I suppose they have to pay for those drugs somehow

6 thoughts on “New Ager’s gearing up for “The Harmonic Concordance.”

  1. AND if you DRINK “THE BLEND” your penis will grow longer and thicker

    And you will get the best deal on refinancing your mortgage

    And people will send you Vicodin in the mail.

    Wheeee!  I’m going to order MY bottle NOW!

  2. You have to drink it? Damn my inability to read instructions… I thought it was a salve.

  3. No no no Eric,

    Any growth caused by using “THE BLEND”(tm) as a salve is sure to be temporary.

    And may cause penile leakage.

  4. [chuckle] Some friends of mine formed “The Harmonica Virgins” back in ‘87 for some folk-music gigs. Offended some, amused many others. smile

  5. Also,….when all this is happening the left brain will be in exact reverse
    phase with the right brain,….each polarity will cancel each other
    out,…and all sensory input will terminate.  All the elements of the earth
    will lose the electrons in their outer shell and the molecules and compounds
    will all dissolve back into hydrogen from which they came. The mental,…
    physical,. and emotional planes will all meld into one, …that of pure
    spirit and unconditional love. All sound will cease and light will turn to
    dark, similating the conditions of a black hole, and our world will start to
    smell. That is when you will come to the realization that you have
    mistakenly inserted your “new age head” so far up your “eon old ass” that you
    may actually never be capable of seeing the light again.

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