NC Congressman Cass Ballenger reveals his bigotry, again.

Poor U.S. Rep. Cass Ballenger. He’s blaming an American Muslim advocacy group across the street from his home for the breakup of his 50 year marriage.  Seems the couple believes the Council on American-Islamic Relations is engaged in fund-raising efforts for various unnamed terrorists groups and might be engaged in plans to blow up the nation’s Capital. They’ve reported the group to the CIA and FBI multiple times to no effect and they blame the stress of living across the street as one of the reasons for their marriage falling apart. In addition to that, they’re also upset with a ban on gifts from lobbyists as another factor in their breakup. Seems they can’t afford a night on the town on their own and so they relied on the free meals and theater tickets to have any kind of a social life.

Congressman Blames Muslims for Breakup

“The only difference I have is that building across the street. In my opinion, it should never have been leased” to the group, Ballenger said.

His wife, Donna, told The Associated Press the couple kept a close eye on CAIR since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and worried that the group’s activities might jeopardize security on Capitol Hill.

“This gang across the street is questionable,” she said Saturday.

Ballenger made the comments during a Wednesday phone interview with the Observer in which he discussed his legal separation from his wife, the newspaper said.

In addition to CAIR, he told the newspaper that another stress on the marriage was the 1995 decision by “holier-than-thou Republicans” in the House to ban gifts from lobbyists. The meals and theater tickets from lobbyists once meant “a social life for (congressional) wives,” Ballenger said.

Ballenger’s wife also said the move by “do-goody Republicans” to restrict the money spent on members of Congress and their spouses had helped turn Washington into a less desirable place to live. “Just a dinner now and then” would do no harm, she said.

Damn those do-goody Republicans! Wish we had more of them, honestly. Ballenger got himself into hot water last December after making a comment about black Democrat Rep. Cynthia McKinney in which he said she caused him to have “a little bit of a segregationist feeling.” Oops.

Here’s my suggestion for the good Congressman to consider: If life in Washington is causing you so much trouble perhaps it is time to retire and allow someone with a less bigoted viewpoint to take over. Perhaps another one of those “do-goody Republicans” might be willing to step in.

2 thoughts on “NC Congressman Cass Ballenger reveals his bigotry, again.

  1. It’s a lie. His wife left him for another guy and this was the excuse they both agreed upon. Gotta love it.

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