Mozilla 1.5 is out.

Fans of Mozilla will be happy to know that version 1.5 is now available. Along with this new release comes new versions of Firebird (0.7) and Thunderbird (0.3).

5 thoughts on “Mozilla 1.5 is out.

  1. Just started experimenting with the Firebird browser.  It seems pretty fast.  On the other hand, it doesn’t have mouse-gestures, like Avant.  Avant also has a search bar that searches the web, OR the text of the current page, and then highlights all the hits—it’s great if you’re searching for a phrase.  I really like that feature.

  2. The “Googlebar” extension includes a ‘search on page’, highlight the hits..everything. Froogle, BSD/Linux, image, news, groups, universtity, government…it’s extremely customizable..and mind numbing. I really had no idea Google offered so many custom searches (guess I need to explore googles site more often beyond just a search).
    I got rid of the search field next to the URL field because of it. (I think that’s the url)is the place to go – you’ll also get there when using the link in the “extensions” preference window.
    The MozEx ( extension allows thunderbird to “intercept” mailto: links.

  3. I think this may become my browser of choice.  There’s a lot of add-ons on that extensions page.  And the mousegestures actually have more functionality than the ones that are built into Avant.  The google bar extension has the search on page function, so that’s cool.


    I like the little red tracers that the mousegestures make, too.  Apparently, I’m fairly easily amused.

  4. My hat is off to the guys and girls at Mozilla for the Firebird browser.I have been using it for a while now,and I just love it! I have been converting many IE people with the anti-popup feature,and everyone loves tabbed browsing! Kepp up the good work!Magickman,loyal fan

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