Mom is headed home.

Just got off the phone with Mom and I managed to catch her as she was getting dressed to go home. She’s sounding like she’s back to her normal self and is looking forward to blogging about her experience at the hospital. The doctor’s best guess is that she had developed an infection of her gall bladder and she’s due to see the doctor again in 10 days or so for more tests. I wish we had a more definitive explanation of what the hell happened, but I’m very happy that she seems to have recovered from whatever the hell it was.

8 thoughts on “Mom is headed home.

  1. Glad to hear your Mum is fealing better.  I think you need to keep reminding us to visit Solonor’s site, I’ve been checking your site each day but I’ve forgotten to keep visiting the link. How about you stick it on the top of the page?

  2. It’s good to know she’s coming home…It seems to give you an “aaaaahhh” sigh of relief.

  3. That’s GROOVY. I’m toasting you a virtual beer. Actually, my beer is real…you’ll have to go the fridge of you want to make yours so. (Unless you don’t drink, which I’m not sure I’ve seen a ruling on in your blog yet)

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