Missing out on quality game time.

I’m supposed to be going over to a co-worker’s house today to engage in many hours of senseless violence of the video game variety. In other words, her better half invited me over for a LAN party wherein much first person shooter goodness is to take place. Unfortunately it doesn’t appear that I’ll be going because she forget to give me her address and her number is either unlisted or not under her name.


I was really looking forward to making some new friends and then blasting the holy bajeezus out of them repeatedly with my newly acquired copy of Halo. I even reminded her several times throughout the week that I needed directions to their place. She assured me it was easy to find, just up the street from work. Coolness I thought. Yet for reasons I cannot fathom neither of us remembered on Friday to ask for or give out the required address. I even had LUNCH with her on Friday and I FORGOT! AIIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! So it’s looking like there will be no LAN party goodness for me today. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go off to stomp me feet and pout for awhile.

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