Michele ponders on Halloween, John Edward and that whole “Does God Exist?” thing.

Minx pointed out to me that Michele over at A Small Victory had an entry up that was right up my alley: Crossing lines with John Edward.

Which leads me to this: John Edward can once and for all end this entire controversy over church and state; he can end the fight between atheists and agnostics and believers; he can end religious wars and jihads and put a finish to creationism v. evolution and possibly bring about world peace.

See, here is what I always wondered about Edward and others who claim to speak to the dead: Why aren’t they telling us anything important?

A damned good question and one that I have repeatedly asked supporters of Edward who show up here at SEB every so often to try and proclaim Edward as the real deal. It’s a good read and it’s been awhile since I last pimped Michele’s blog so go check it out.

4 thoughts on “Michele ponders on Halloween, John Edward and that whole “Does God Exist?” thing.

  1. that guys full of shit,he just gets a speaker in his ear or he may just keep it to him self to stop devastation amoung people for wasting their life with religeon.

  2. I think that all of yall are wrong John Edward is the best thing that happen your just jealous that hes popular and yor losers. Dont have nothing better to do, do ya? I bet you dont all you want to do is fuck around with john all day give him a break he does nto shit to you!

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