Message forums are now up and running.

Seeing as some of the discussions here at SEB have gotten quite lengthy and some folks seem to want to be able to strike up their own threads on various topics, I’ve once again setup a message forum for folks who have an interest. Right now there are five forums based on the most common topics of discussion here at SEB. If folks have ideas for more topics feel free to let me know and I’ll add them in. I’ll work on a means of displaying the most recently active threads here on the main site so you’ll know if there’s anything new to follow up on. Hopefully folks will make use of the forums a little more than the last time I tried to set them up.

Just click here to check them out.

4 thoughts on “Message forums are now up and running.

  1. Is there a way to actually move some of the more active threads to the message board? I suspect I already know the answer. Let me guess…“Yes, but not easily. It would be a cut-n-paste effort of massive proportion”.

    Am I close?

  2. It would be… tricky… at best. I think the easiest solution would be for me to shut down comments on some of the super-long threads with the final comment being TAKE IT TO THE MESSAGE FORUMS with a link to an entry therein.

  3. I did just that with the Virgin Mary thread (started a new topic on the board for my reply)…but I don’t have that commanding authority like you do. I can only ask nicely if they’ll follow be to the board…you can MAKE them.

    Muaaa ha ha ha haaaaaa!

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