Major tinkering with SEB’s layout.

If you happen to notice the layout here at SEB missing chunks here and there over the next day or so don’t be too concerned, it’s just me messing with the layout to see if I can figure out why it’s so slow.

Of all the blogs I host my own is the slowest in terms of posting new entries and comments and I’m pretty sure it has to do with some of the funky crap I’m doing with various plugins and file imports. This hasn’t been a big deal for the most part until I installed Jay Allen’s MT-Blacklist plugin. The plugin itself works great and it’s activated for all the other blogs I use without issue, but when I try to use it with SEB the time it takes to post a new comment shoots from an already plodding 27 seconds to over 3 minutes and 45 seconds. Ouch. Seeing as it works fine on the other blogs I host here without any significant increase in the time it takes to post new content I can only assume that there’s something about my layout specifically that’s causing things to be slow.

The only way to figure out what’s going on will be to rip the site apart in chunks, test it minus the chunk in question and put it back together again. I’d been meaning to do that anyway to try and cut down the 27 seconds it normally takes to post a new comment so this is a good excuse to get around to fixing things up. MT-Blacklist is way to useful not to activate it on SEB.

7 thoughts on “Major tinkering with SEB’s layout.

  1. If you could set it so that the content loads before the links at the site, rather than after, then that would be great. I’ve acheived it on my site (mainly because that’s how the default MT template does it) – maybe you could take that apart and play with it.

    Perhaps a few less posts on the home page would be nice too – it’s a lot of data for us poor dial-up users to have to face.

  2. I admit I’m still learning CSS and the only reason I have the links appearing first before the content is because I can’t get the page to render properly otherwise. grin

    I’ll reduce the number of days worth of content the site displays to a week. I think I had it set at 10 or 14 days due to a period of not posting very often.

    And yes, the comment appeared fairly quickly because I don’t have the MT-Blacklist plugin enabled for SEB at this time. grin

  3. As a big user of Blogrolling myself, I have to say that I would suspect that your links coming from is probably the biggest reason for the slowdown. I have quite a few in my blog and there are times when it takes well over 10 seconds to load the page. If I didn’t have the blogrolling links in the page, it would load much faster.

    I am seriously considering taking the links out and putting hard links in. I hate the idea of having to update the links by hand.

    I am finding that relying on external servers for content is just not a good idea. It’s just soooo damn convenient!

  4. Blogrolling isn’t the problem. The issue I’m trying to figure out has to do with the speed with which MovableType is rebuilding pages after a comment or a new entry is submitted.

    Right now from the point in time you click POST to the page refreshing is about 30 seconds on average. If I activate MT-Blacklist to protect comments from the spammer bots that are becoming more popular the rebuild time from submission to refresh jumps to over 3 minutes. This doesn’t happen on any of the other blogs I host here such as my wife’s or my sister’s so I can only assume there’s something wrong with my particular way of doing things that must be the issue.

  5. Blogrolling is a problem, actually, but probably unrelated to this. I offloaded all my links to a separate page and my blog page loads MUCH faster.

    However, I have something like 8 blogrolls and hundreds of links. Time to make them onto separate pages as well, I think. [sigh]

  6. I’ve been running into problems, too, Les.  I’m getting 505 Server Errors which I never got before enabling Blacklist.  I’m thinking of disabling it until all the bugs are worked out and it is set up to work well with Simple Comments.  As it is now, I had to disable Simple Comments in order to get all the “goodies” Blacklist offers, but now I’m not so sure I’m happy with it. 🙁

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