Least likely to win “Mom of the Year” award.

SEB Helpful Parenting Tip of the Day: If you’re a single parent who has just been arrested don’t wait for three weeks before you mention to the police that you have a two year-old at home alone.

3 thoughts on “Least likely to win “Mom of the Year” award.

  1. This is one of those situations that will change the course of history.

    Somewhere there is an ambitious lawyer in public service already no doubt—planning to either join the ACLU or become a DA—who is now drafting legislation that, along with delivering Mirada, will require arresting officers to “make a reasonable effort to determine if” the perp “has a dependent who is anticipating his or her return before their next feeding.”

    Certainly there is some lawyer, currently without portfolio, who is looking for someone to sue “on behalf of” the kid “who was abused, mistreated, forsaken and condemned to death by starvation by the State.”

    Of course this was tragic.  Even more tragic is what opportunity it presents for more stupidity by ambitious and otherwise unemployed lawyers.

  2. Uh, I’d just like to give a shout out to MY lawyers, the guys who represented me after Home Base gifted me with a herniated disk and then tried to discard me—Thanks to the lawyers, I got the surgery I needed, and a few grand that let me go back to grad school.

    (Besides which, I just can’t believe that my life would have been complete if I had never heard the “HOLY SHIT!” from the tech running the MRI machine, who said, verbatim “Well, I’m not a doctor, but this pic’s pretty clear.  You’ve got a pretty large bubble of tissue squeezing out on both sides of the disc, and the left sciatic nerve is getting squished.  I GUESS THIS EXPLAINS WHY YOU’RE HAVING TROUBLE STANDING UP!”)
      So, there are some lame lawyers out there, but I sho’ do appurshiate the one’s that helped me out.

  3. Does anyone know why the father wouldn’t automatically get custody?  The Mother has proved herself unfit. Has anyone read anything about the fathers history? (Am in the UK, so didn’t get much detail on this story, and can’t be bothered trawling through lots of news sites for it!)

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