Jim Carrey as Steve Austin?

Looks like Jim Carrey has signed on for a bionic makeover for an upcoming project based loosely on the old ABC series The Six Million Dollar Man only this will be a comedy send-up of the action genre.

Yahoo! News – Jim Carrey Goes Bionic

Unlike the classic 1970s ABC sci-fi series starring Lee Majors, the movie—which has long been in development as a by-the-numbers suspense thriller—will now be transformed into a comedy vehicle, allowing Carrey to parody the action genre much in the way Mike Myers poked fun at James Bond movies in Austin Powers.

Old School director Todd Philips is onboard to helm the flick for Dimension Films.

Carrey hatched the idea of doing a comic take on the character and, along with managers Jim Miller and Eric Gold, recruited Phillips, whose resume also includes Road Trip.

Phillips immediately sparked to the concept and agreed to pen the script with his Old School writing partner Scot Armstrong, as well as direct.

Dimension, which owned the rights to the Martin Caidin novel Cyborg on which the original show was based, readily agreed to revamp the project, a no-brainer considering Carrey’s last comedy, Bruce Almighty, grossed a heavenly $470 million at the international box office.

As stupid as it was, I have fond memories of the original TV series. Still, it’ll be interesting to see what they do with this.

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