Izzard out as Who.

According to Doctor Who: Who Won’t Be Who over at IGN.com’s Film Force, Tom Baker’s announcement that comedian Eddie Izzard would be the next person to play the role of The Doctor in the upcoming revival of the TV series was just Tom joking around.

“Tom Baker threw my name up which was fantastic,” Izzard told BBC radio. “It’s a wonderful honor. I hadn’t considered it, I didn’t even know (the new series) was happening”  Izzard did speculate about his chances should the opportunity arise,  “I don’t think the BBC would want me. They’d probably rather spit on me and slap me about with fish. … I’m really into doing my films, and so 26 weeks is a big commitment. There are other people that are up for it that everyone else wants. I’m slightly more on the edge. I think the BBC would say ‘Well we want someone simpler and safer.’ … I think my breasts are too dangerous.” Hmm… Master material, perhaps?

Other names tossed around as possibilities include Alan Davies from Jonathon Creek who said he’d be willing, but hasn’t been asked. Paul McGann, who has played the role once in the FOX network’s American made movie that was a failed pilot for an American series. Paul has suggested the role should go to a woman, specifically Rachael Stirling. Most interesting, however, is a slip by Clayton Hickman, editor of Doctor Who Magazine in which he named Bill Nighy (Underworld) as being the favored actor to play the role by the new series’ producers.

Of course, no official announcement has been made yet. The 40th anniversary of the show is coming up next month, however, so the chances are good an announcement will be made soon.

1 thought on “Izzard out as Who.

  1. Richard E Grant is starring as the voice of the Doctor in a new animated series on the web, more details at the following bbci site.

    I think he would also be far and away the best choice for the new series.

    I presume you also know about the new live action Thunderbirds movie out next year, or did you not get into this in the 60’s?

    Anyway F.A.B.

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