Is it too late?

For me to toss my hat into the California Governor’s Recall Race? I think I could do as good a job at running California as any of the other yahoos that are trying for the job out there. I realize I don’t actually live in California, as I’m afraid of earthquakes, but that’s actually a benefit in case the Governor’s mansion ever gets swallowed during the “Big One.” If that should happen I’ll still be safe and sound here in Michigan to oversee the disaster recovery of whatever small portion of California is still left when the dust settles. In fact, that might be a benefit as it would make the job a lot easier to manage what with the state being smaller.

So if it’s not too late and you live in California and want a true “outsider” to take over the reigns without making a lot of fancy-schmancy promises he doesn’t have any real intent of honoring (in fact, I make no promises at all) then be sure to write my name in on the ballet when you cast your vote on whatever day you’re supposed to cast your vote, assuming that date hasn’t already passed.

I really shouldn’t procrastinate about things like this…

2 thoughts on “Is it too late?

  1. Uh, darling boy, “NO way, NO how, Not gonna happen.”  You may not join the California Governor’s Recall Race… You may not play with those boys and girls, they are bad influences. And we have enough chaos and insanity to contend with at the moment.

  2. Did you see Saturday Night Live this pst weekend?  Darryl Hammond totally nailed Arnold.  It was hilarious.

    No, you cannot join the race.  The blogging world needs you too much.

    I hope your mother gets the help she needs.

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