In memory of “Rerun.”

Had the following IM conversation with my good buddy and soon-to-be-ridiculously-famous actor Michael Brady on the passing of actor Fred Berry better known to fans as red-beret wearing “Rerun.”

Quinn: Rerun died.  🙁

Dead God: I heard.

Quinn: now, nothin’s happening.

Dead God: You’ve been waiting all these years to use that joke, haven’t you….

Quinn: if you laughed, then yes.

Dead God: I did. Sad to say, but I did. I’ll have to remember it for later today. grin

Quinn: you can still catch him in the red hat on those VH1 reminiscing specials…

Dead God: Coolness.

Quinn: pop culture and stuff, not necc. tv

Quinn: it’s like he’s still with us…

Quinn: saying… “Raj…!”

Dead God: Kinda like acid reflux…

Quinn: yeah

1 thought on “In memory of “Rerun.”

  1. I saw him on an episode of “Classmates” about 3 weeks ago.  He wanted to reunite with a guy who had had a profound impact on him in High School. They met at the bleachers of their old High School.  Fred cried when he told his old classmate how much his friendship, albeit not a close one, had meant to him, because he had accepted him for who he was and was nice to him when no one else was.  It was very moving.  They stayed in touch after that.  It makes me happy knowing he was able to do that before he died.  I know that it made him feel really good to see his old school chum again, and to be able to tell him what he meant to him.  *sigh*

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