I’m pimping myself out with SEB Technologies.

For those of you who live in the South Eastern Michigan area, more specifically around the western Wayne County area, and are in need of some help figuring out your PC I’d like to offer up my services to you. I’ve been getting more and more requests to help folks with their PCs at their homes and it just seems natural to pick up with this and run with it.

Got a PC problem you just can’t figure out? Need help setting up a home network? Want to learn a bit more on how to keep yourself safe from viruses and flaws in Windows? Want me to build you a custom PC? I’m here to help. Starting today I’m launching a side-business called SEB Technologies and I’m willing to come out to your home and help you get your PC in working order or to consult you on how to set things up the way you want them. I do still have a day job, but I’m available evenings after 5PM and most weekends. Drop me an email or leave a message at 734-981-8290 and I’ll be happy to discuss your issue with you and see what I can do to help.

9 thoughts on “I’m pimping myself out with SEB Technologies.

  1. *claps*  Good idea.

    Maybe you can help me out.  Every time I kick my PC it makes an odd clunking noise.

  2. I pimped ya. I hope that’s a good thing, if not say the word and I’ll take it down. smile Oh and chirping noises are bad huh? It’s not mine but someone elses and it chirps…lol

  3. That’s cool, Kat. I appreciate the additional pimpage.

    As for chirping noises being bad? Depends on what’s making it. If it’s a cricket in your computer that could be bad. If it’s just a squeeky fan and otherwise appears to be working fine it’s no big deal, unless it bugs you. grin

  4. AAAAAAARGGGGGH!! Don’t go there Les.  You help out more and more for friends so you think you might as well be charging for it.  Then you do so well that you quit your suport job to concentrate full time on building and selling PCs, specializing in support at home and for the smaller business that needs an IT dept really but isn’t big enough.  Seems idyllic, doing what you’re good at and helping people.  Then one day it happens, you might be explaining to someone with a broken cd-tray that, “No it’s not a coffee cup holder” or telling your best support customer once again the difference between CD-rs and CD-RWs becuase they just bought a pack of 100 CD-Rs and formatted/ruined them all with a Rewrite package for the thirty seven gazillionth time, and you have that road to damascus revelation (to use a gratuitous christian image) PEOPLE ARE THICK AS SHIT AND THINK COMPUTERS ARE MAGIC!!.  You will become familiar with many of the following statements
    This computer you sold me is rubbish because:

    It won’t run the latest 3d game even though I asked you to install it with Small Business Server

    It can’t convert my WordPerfect 2.0 Documents to Office 2000 just becuase they are on 5.25 360k floppies.

    My website I posted yesterday that is not registered with any search engines hasn’t sold anything yet.

    It doesn’t have the right size internet installed into it.

    I typed JAPANESEGOLDFISH into the address bar of explorer and it told me no results found – Why not, you said it had plenty of memory.

    You said this computer had the latest operating system but it’s not even upto Windows2000 I only managed to open about 270 instances of Photoshop 7.0 before it ground to a halt.

    By this time you will also be familiar with phone calls to help install games on Christmas Day etc.


    Good Luck with the pimping.


  5. Heh… ditto what Dave said. I stopped that shit over 12 years ago. No way I’d do it again. I even had a woman threaten to sue me because her stupid-ass son [who’d bought a custom-built PC from me] kept screwing up his display drivers and couldn’t get Windows to load. I, of course, had to bitch-slap some sense into her wink

    Good luck, though. I hope it works out better for you than it did for the rest of us!

  6. Well so far so good. The calls haven’t exactly been pouring in, but the folks I’ve helped so far seem to be happy with the work. I expect to do more stuff along the lines of helping folks figure out why their PC is so slow or whether they would want to upgrade their old one or buy a new one or set up a home network moreso than custom PC building.

    As it stands I could use the extra income this’ll bring and it’ll help keep my technical skills sharp until I can move back into a job where I’m doing it full time.

  7. You know how you get around the “my son just loaded x drivers and windows won’t load”  you mak images of the initial hd installation… and when all else fails, you tell the customer to they need to reload the system.  That’s what Dell, Gateway, and all the others do.

    I relaize this is in response to an old topic wink

  8. If you want your computer to work twice as fast, shouldn’t ya just unplug it from the 110v outlet and put it in the 220v outlet?

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