I want to be number 1 and I need your help!

At the end of every month Solonor does a writeup on the top 20 people who sent folks to his website and he gets all creative and stuff when listing them off by applying a kind of theme to the list. This month, for example, he made use of the Barrow-Downs Middle-Earth Name Generator to come up with each of our Middle Earth names.

This month I managed to come in at number 5 on the list which is probably the highest I’ve ever been and that’s pretty good and all, but for some reason I’ve decided I want to hit the number 1 spot on the list for next month. I have no good reason for this and I can’t even begin to explain why I suddenly have this need to make it to the top of Solonor’s list, but I wanna do it and I need your help. All you gotta do is be sure to click on the link to Solonor’s site after you get done reading here at SEB. I know some of you folks stop by SEB two or three times a day so if you went straight to Solonor’s after visiting here each time that will really help the count ratchet up. He’s a good read and has a much better sense of humor than I do so he makes for a nice followup after reading all my ranting and raving to lighten your mood a little.

With your help I know SEB can reach the number 1 spot for next month. Remember! We’re doing this for absolutely NO GOOD REASON other than I want to BE NUMBER 1 at Solonor’s site! If that don’t getcha motivated then nothing will.

5 thoughts on “I want to be number 1 and I need your help!

  1. Indeed, but I’ve never tried to rig something in my favor before so I thought I’d give it a try just because I’ve never done it before. Stupid reason, I know, but what the hell. It’s Monday and I’m bored.

  2. Dude, you won’t catch me.

    Why? That idiotic, all-consuming baseball league of his that I’m in keeps me popping over there and reading probably thousands of pages a month.

    Seriously, I need help.


  3. Ah! But baseball season will end eventually! And then the number 1 spot will be mine! Muhwahahahahahahahahahahaha! :evillaugh:

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