Help Wanted: Master Lego Builder

OK all you closet Lego fanatics. The folks at Legoland California are looking for you. Seems they have an opening for a new Master Lego Builder and will be holding a nationwide search to find the perfect person for the job.

Wired News: Wanted: Master Lego Model Builder

According to the official requirements, the “role of the master builder exists to offer design, build, repair and service functions to all models and animated features within LegoLand California and selected external locations.”

Who are they kidding?

“You get to play with toys for a living,” summed up LegoLand spokeswoman Stacey Slingerland. “It’s the greatest job in the entire world.”

So if you have Mad Lego Skillz then check out the article at Wired for more info on where to sign up.

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