Happy All Hallows’ Eve

Boo!Just got back from picking up the kid from her boyfriend’s house where he, she and several of their friends went trick-or-treating solo. She had a good time and got a pretty good haul of candy.

I was debating going out and walking around the neighborhood myself to take pics of the different Halloween displays some folks had set up, but opted to plant my ass on the couch and watch Jason X on cable instead. That ended up being more entertaining than it probably should have been, but I’m still glad I didn’t spend money to see it in the theaters.

Not as exciting of a Halloween for me as years past, but still a relaxing night none-the-less. Still can’t wait until I get a house so I can decorate my yard and pass out candy myself. Maybe next year.

Hope your Halloween was safe and spooky and fun!

7 thoughts on “Happy All Hallows’ Eve

  1. Cool jack-o-lantern, Les. wink  I had candy all ready to hand out but no one came, which proves that if you make it (or buy it), they may NOT come.  *snicker*  Oh, well – that just means more candy for me!  *happy happy joy joy*  LOL

  2. Thank you Leigh. Good ol’ Jack there was from last year’s Halloween. We didn’t carve one for this year because money’s been tight. Was digging through my pics when I came across him and thought to myself that I never did use him in an entry last year so a quick edit and a little animation and he’s back in action a year later.

    We live in an apartment so we’re lucky if we see a whole six kids at Halloween. We don’t even bother buying candy at this point. I plan to have a big-assed bowl once I get a house though.

  3. I hope that next year you’ll be sitting in your house with your big-assed bowl of candy thinking, “Remember last year when I was hoping I’d have a house and this big-assed bowl of candy for Halloween?” wink

  4. Who woulda thunk that you have so many fans in India, Les?  And what intelligent comments!

  5. Tell me about it. 23 comment spams this morning. The Akismet filter only caught 5 of them. Fucking hate spammers.

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