Halloween movie quandaries.

The Nightmare Before ChristmasSo I’m sitting here and thinking to myself that it would be fun to watch a nice Halloween oriented movie of some sort and thoughts immediately turn to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas which I think is a wonderful film and I own on DVD when it hits me:

Is this really a Halloween movie or is it a Christmas movie?

Sure, most of the film is appropriately dark and spooky, but the message it holds seems more akin to the Christmas holiday than the Halloween one. I find myself in a bit of a quandary as I wonder if I should watch it now or wait till closer to Christmas. Or perhaps I should watch it half-way between the two holidays as a kind of compromise? Perhaps I should just skip it and see if the Charlie Brown special is due on tonight or tomorrow?

See, not everything I sit around contemplating is all that deep or important.

9 thoughts on “Halloween movie quandaries.

  1. Ahh Nightmare Before Christmas.. That is a Christmas movie…. I say this because it was one of my first car dates I went on in the winter time to see it in a theater. Great movie though, different spin on Christmas.

  2. I just love this movie. One of my all time favorites ever. I don’t care if it’s more geared towards xmas. It is killer. smile

  3. My wife is an avid fan of Vincent Price, so we pulled out The Haunted Palace, based on H.P. Lovecraft’s The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.

    Good film, if a bit on the campy side.

  4. nightmare before christmas is just showing the sides of each holiday, and how they are both celebrated in different ways…

  5. Zippy, thanks for the summation, but that wasn’t really the question I was posing.

    J-1, I’ve always loved old Vincent Price movies. I’ve got start collecting them on DVD. Didn’t he once do a variation on the Canterville Ghost? I’d love to get that one.

  6. I love the Canterville Ghost story..I’ve seen three versions of it…the Charles Laughton version, a UK/BBC version from the ‘60’s or ‘70’s when I was very young and part of the newish Patrick Stewart version (which was so-so.)

    I tried to find the version you were talking about, and am guessing it’s the 1974 version with David Niven. The imdb discussion of that movie starts off with a comment from somebody who thought it was Vincent Price.

    Today’s movie…Tales of Terror.

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