Guidelines if you want to be taken seriously at SEB.

I’ve been doing this blogging thing for awhile now and hadn’t felt compelled to write down any rules or guidelines until recently. Some of the comments from visitors seem earnest in being taken seriously as opposed to just another Troll wandering by yet the structure or content of the comments makes it very hard to do so. With that in mind I’d like to present the Stupid Evil Bastard’s Guide to Proper Commenting:

Guideline #1:

If you’re going to bother to comment have something to say that’s worth reading. For example, I sometimes write about video games in general and the various console systems in particular. If the entire content of your comment consists of something along the lines of “PS2 SUCKS MY BALLZ! XBOX FOREVA!” then do us a favor and refrain from posting it here. If there is one thing that is guaranteed to get me to delete your comment from the site it is statements like the above. Pointless flame-bait comments will be short lived on here because they are, well, pointless.

Guideline #2:

Make an honest attempt at punctuation and spelling. This isn’t a college class and I’m no English professor so you won’t be graded on your commentary. You will, however, be judged by it. Not only by me, but by all the folks who visit the site regularly. Typing in all lower-case and using intentionally fucked up spelling for common words may be very stylistic and hip, but does little to convince anyone that what you have to say is worth considering as anything other than the random mumblings from another bad example of a failed public education system. Using “u” in place of “you” may be fine if you’re texting a buddy over your cell phone, but it makes you look like an idiot when you’re trying to put forth a supposedly intelligent argument.

Guideline #3:

If you’re responding to a thread that is already lengthy take the time to read most of the thread first. There’s little point in chiming in with arguments that have already been beaten to death unless you have something new to contribute to them. Showing up and bleating out the same tired line as people before you will just earn you some sincere and heartfelt mockery on my behalf.

Guideline #4:

Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Or, in other words, if you don’t want to be called names then don’t call people names. If you don’t want people to take quotes out of context then don’t take quotes out of context. If you don’t want people to subtly imply that you may have the intelligence of a carton of spoiled cottage cheese then don’t imply the same in others. Most of all, if you DO engage in these activities, don’t bitch about it when the favor is returned to you. I’m specifically thinking of David in this case.

Guideline #5:

There is a difference between an opinion and an informed opinion. Try to have more of the latter over the former and people will take you seriously. If you’re going to claim that the Founding Fathers were all Christians and intended the USA to be a Christian nation then at least attempt to provide references and quotations that support your assertion. Simply showing up and saying “everyone knows the Founding Fathers were all Christan and anyone who says otherwise is a big dodo-head” is not going to win anyone over to your point of view. By the same token there is nothing wrong in admitting that you don’t know enough about a subject to offer anything other than conjecture on it.

Guideline #6:

Try to stick to the topic of whichever entry you’re commenting on. For example a recent entry I made on the release of the latest Matrix movie trailer suddenly became a debate on religion. Some folks show up at SEB to read my more serious topics and others show up for the fluff entries I tend to toss out there from time to time. Try to keep discussions on religion to entries on religion and discussions of movies to entries on movies.

I encourage folks to comment on any of the entries I put up and I am loathe to delete anything beyond the most obnoxious and pointless of replies or items that are just outright spam. I do not censor comments and I encourage folks to share opposing viewpoints. I think good debates make for a healthier society and a good part of my reason for putting up the more serious entries is to encourage people to think more than they tend to do. You don’t have to follow any of the guidelines I’ve listed here, but you’ll probably find you’ll be treated better and more likely to be listened to if you do.

20 thoughts on “Guidelines if you want to be taken seriously at SEB.

  1. Sad thing is that the people being addressed in the above guidelines will not take the time to read them and do what they normally do.

    The only cure for stupidity (in most cases) is death. A good wack over the head with a 2×4 will only work on a small minority.

  2. Les, I think these are good guide lines and I will try my best to abide by them.
    I do apologize for that long argument that I posted under the Matrix trailer, I didn’t even know how to post properly back then.

  3. John, at least by posting the guidelines folks won’t have any reason to act all surprised when I and others don’t take them seriously.

    DB, don’t sweat it too much. If it really bothered me I would have deleted the comments. I give you a lot of credit for moving beyond simple trolling.

  4. u dont kno shit about how we shuld be typing ur not mi daddy i be postn whateva da fuk i wantz an der aint a goddammed thing u can do abut it


  5. Now that there are some awesome music servers around, these restrictions not only inhibit us in all of the ways mentioned above, but they are (having personally had email contact with a manufacturer) making manufacturers think twice about the Australian market, or at least they are making other markets without the complications and legal exposure of ripping CD’s a priority.

    One server I have seen and want to buy when it gets here is quite amazing in how it handles large collections (I have almost 1000 CD’s). It goes so much beyond the usual pretty graphics and has me having more fun just listening and mucking around with music than I can remember. Reading reviews, cross referencing musicians etc. It delivers lossless, not compressed music and has me more into the experience than when I first discovered vynil when I was 13 (1983).

    What the hell are the manufacturers going to do if the RIAA goes after them for ripping CD’s? I tell you what – get the &^%# out of the Australian market. Where does that leave me? Feeding bloody CD’s into drive tray like a numpty and having a really shitty time with my music trying to remember what the hell I want to get from my wall of plastic spines that I can’t even read.

    It is pretty sad as an Australian to once again see the rest of the world advancing with technologies and see our backwards legal system endorsing the barriers to these technologies getting up and running at home.

    I just want to say that the RIAA should get it’s shit together and start thinking about solutions, not just being part of the problem. It sounds corny an cliched, but that is what it is. Backwards, untalented, close minded, uncooperative people that really have little value as professionals.

    After all, if you want people to pay for anything, be it a product, a service, art – ANYTHING – offer them VALUE! SIMPLE!

    I really liked the comment that said “I am the consumer and by nature right”. So true, and you fools at the RIAA need to understand that if you come up with something of value, people will support you – not work against you.

  6. Somehow I don’t think you posted this comment on the thread you thought you were posting it to. It certainly has no bearing on the discussion in THIS thread.

  7. I found you by this link
    I agree totally with you I had never heard of thunderbird but I had a problem with IE much like you I don’t like MS telling me what I can and can’t watch. The reason I registered is I really think I know you from somewhere and it’s a good memory I just can’t remember the place. I look foreward to being a helpful part of your blog community.

  8. i think you should all celebrate easter, christmas and halloween cause they are all proven pagan holidays. youre right it doesnt talk about christmas or easter in the bible thats why non-christians celebrate it and true christians shouldnt

  9. I read your guidelines and posted within them about “Ethical Atheist” in the Ten Commandments thread. My post was truthful and generally critical and condemning of their so-called “Ethics” and was based upon first have experience having been a member there for almost 2 years. The post didn’t post. Is it delayed or rejected. I can find no information on your site as to why a post might not have posted.

  10. Ragu,

    My first thought was that your comment might have been moderated by the comment spam system we have in place, but checking the queue I don’t see your comment there. I’m not sure why it got dropped, but it appears to have been a hiccup with the site. If it had been snagged by the spam filter it would’ve said so. My apologies for the wasted effort, but if you feel up to trying again please do so.

  11. Huh, that’s weird. The very next comment in my inbox is the one you left on that thread. It appears to have taken after all.

  12. I think the guidelines are pretty reasonable.

    Certainly a lot more reasonable than over at a forum that’s connected to the Dispatch newspaper in Moline, Illinois.

    They want you to be nice and not nasty, but they have absolutely no sense of humor.

    When the stories about Iowa and same sex marriage first came out I wrote “you people in Ioway are way too particular, pretty soon you’ll be forbidding farm boys, how shall I say this, from sleeping with their sheep.”

    They kicked me out for alluding (as they put it) to sex between farm boys and animals.

    What idiots. I think they may have been out in the field on a dark night and were mistaken for a sheep by a “herd” of lonely Ioway farm boys.

  13. Les

    I read everything you had to say about the Tesla watches and your rants, etc.

    Did you realize 9-11 was an inside job ?

  14. Steve, more than one person has suggested that very thing. Suffice it to say that I am unconvinced, but this thread isn’t the place to have that discussion.

  15. Love the guidelines- these are rules we should all live by in blogs, emails, and face to face conversations.
    Nothing worse than a one-sided argument with someone who just wants to hear (see) himself talk but has nothing real or useful to say.
    I have to admit though…. I couldn’t read the whole thread. I got bored by the responses that had nothing to do with your guidelines.

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