Get yer retro gaming mojo working.

Looks like another collection of classic video games will be heading to modern consoles in the near future. This time it’ll be a collection of games from the Mattel Intellivision emulated in all their 8 bit glory on your PS2 or Xbox.

Intellivision on PlayStation

Intellivision Productions, Crave Entertainment, and Realtime Associates have teamed up to bring Intellivision to the Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox consoles this Christmas.

Intellivision Lives! drops the player into Hal’s Pizza, a 360 degree 3-D environment. Arcade machines of different themes – Space, Sports, Battle, etc. – ring the restaurant. Each machine serves as an interface to the original Intellivision games, plus other exciting features. Over 50 of the classic games can be played, plus a number of games that were never released back in the ‘80s. The restaurant also features a jukebox that plays Intellivision-themed music.

I can remember lusting after an Intellivision after playing with one at the home of one of my Mom’s friends. The baseball game was simply amazing compared to the Atari 2600 I owned. Not only did the crowd sound like a crowd, but you could hear people whistling! Whoa!

I never did get an Intellivision, but my old buddy Bill did and we spent hours playing it including one of the original attempts to turn Dungeons and Dragons into a video game. If the price for this collection isn’t too high then I may pick this up for the pure nostalgia history it represents.

1 thought on “Get yer retro gaming mojo working.

  1. Yep, nothing like the Intellivision D&D game, shooting arrows ahead of you where you couldn’t see as some sort of pathfinder.  Arrow count – tic-tic-tic-tic… smile

    Don’t forget Bay-17 Bawwwmmer! 

    That might make an interesting WWII multiplayer item – bomber crews.

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