GameCube price drop has helped with sales.

Yes, it is kinda stating the obvious, but last month’s price drop on the Nintendo GameCube to $99 has helped to spur sales of the console allowing it to outsell the PS2 and the Xbox last week.

GameCube outselling PS2 by 20 percent – News for at GameSpot

In a statement, Nintendo cited figures that had the Cube outselling Sony’s PlayStation 2 by a solid 20 percent during the week of October 4. The spread was even wider for Microsoft’s Xbox—GameCube sales surpassed Xbox sales by a whopping 145 percent. Unfortunately, hard sales numbers won’t be available until the next Toy Retail Sales Tracking Service (TRSTS) report.

The figures are a vindication for Nintendo’s bold price cut last month, which dropped the GC’s price from $149 to just $99. It is possible that the high sales numbers will help convince skittish publishers that the platform is here to stay. It may even convince Eidos, who announced last month it would no longer support the platform, to give the GameCube a second chance.

Of course it could just convince Sony to drop the price on their PS2 which is still selling strong despite rumors of an imminent price drop for the past 9 months. Microsoft has already said that any decision to drop the price of the Xbox is dependent on matching moves by Sony so if one should fall, the other will follow. While one week of top sales is hardly anything to write home about, it’s still a nice shot in the arm for Nintendo fans who have been worried about the future of their favorite platform.

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