Full text of Rush’s admission to being a junkie.

You know, I always said Limbaugh was on crack. I know now that I was wrong. It was actually prescription pain medication.

Which just goes to show that it’s just as painful to be Rush Limbaugh as it is having to listen to him.

8 thoughts on “Full text of Rush’s admission to being a junkie.

  1. That’s bullshit Les man…Rush ain’t an addict man…he’s just chippin’ man!…he can stop anytime he wants man!!!

  2. You know you’re part of the reason so many people think the media has a libral slant, just had to attack a conservative icon like Rush. Well this is a man who has never said a bad thing about anyone and you should feel ashamed! Rush is a saint man! A saint I tells ya!

  3. Publicly I am appalled at the terrible way Rush has been treated by the media.  Privately I

  4. Yeah. I think we should be ashamed attacking a man like Rush. Someone who has done so much good for this country, for the people, and, finally, so much to further the status of closet prescrip abusers like myse … wait. That didn’t come out quite right, forget everything I said.

  5. Hello Children. The word for today is “Schadenfreude.”

    If anything maybe this ordeal will make Rush more compassionate towards those he was so easy to demonize on his program for showing the same weakness towards drugs that he apparently has.

  6. A compassionate conservative? He’d be the first. Oh, sorry, I forgot that G.W. claims to be one and if that is what Rush is trying for he is on the right track.

  7. I think this is the most light-hearted humour about Rush Limbaugh’s predicament I’ve seen.  It’s neither cruel, nor accusatory – it’s not even an attack at all really.  It’s just poking fun at the situation.  I have a sore throat right now, and if someone joked that my talkin’ was now as painful for me as it is my listeners, I’d take it in stride. 
    But then, it’s never occurred to me that Rush would be on crack.  If anything, I would’ve guessed that he was popping nitroglycerin to stave off a heart attack from getting fired up & yellin’ & shoutin’ all the time like he does.  heh-heh. wink

  8. You know something Chloe, you are right. Given Rush’s mean spirited nature we have not been hard enough on that self-important, drug-addled, two-faced bag of crap! As a whole I don’t think liberals have sunk their teeth into his bloated ass deep enough, but generally speaking liberals are not the mud slinging bastards their counterparts are…not me of course, I detest the fact that the right pretty much gets a free pass when they are shown to be hypocrites. Rush will be forgiven because his ditto heads fancy themselves good christians and Limbaugh is only human after all, much like when Jimmy Swaggart bawled his way out trouble when caught with a prostitute. Forgive him lord, he is weak. Yeah right.

    Doesn’t that forgiveness apply to a man who has an affair with an intern while smoking cigars and eating Dominos pizza? Not enough grace in them to forgive a retired diplomat who publicly disagreed with the administration over ‘yellow cake’? Maybe they aren’t big enough to forgive such transgressions but do they have to try to get the senators wife, a CIA operative, killed by outing her? In my mind (and I admit that I am an addled liberal) that kind of looks like a treasonous act.

    In both religion and politics I like to follow the advice that you should believe the man who says he is searching for the truth, but doubt the man who says he has found it. Not sure who said it first but It sticks with me.

    But anyway, back to not being hard enough on Rush…now that is something I may have to look into. Maybe it is time to see just how deep this steaming pile of Limbaugh is.

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