Eddie Izzard to be next “Doctor Who?”

According to an interview with 4th Doctor Tom Baker on BBC’s Radio 5 comedian Eddie Izzard has been tapped to take on the role of The Doctor when Doctor Who returns to BBC TV in 2005 though the BBC is still saying no casting decisions have been made as of yet.

In the interview on Thursday morning, Baker told presenter Julian Worricker that Izzard would bring an “alien quality” to the part.

“Eddie Izzard is so mysterious and strange. He seems like he has lots of secrets,” Baker said.

“You always feel Eddie Izzard knows something you don’t, or has been somewhere you haven’t been.”

He said the actor and comedian would wear the Doctor’s flambouyant outfits with flair.

“I like the way he dresses. He could probably do his own wardrobe,” said Baker, who played the role between 1974 and 1981.

Personally, I think Eddie would be fabulous as The Doctor. He’s already pretty odd in real life as it is and I can see how well that would work in the role.

Thanks to Sally for the tip-off in her reply.

12 thoughts on “Eddie Izzard to be next “Doctor Who?”

  1. It’s so uncannily true that Eddie seems to know things we don’t—I always got the feeling he is thinking really naughty thoughts! He’s got this permanent smirk in his eyes. I’ve loved the guy since discovering him on the old British Whose Line? shows.

  2. I think it would be a complete and total disaster for Eddie Izzard to play the role of the Doctor.

    Izzard is among the most pretentious and affected people on television and I hate to think of him soiling one of the best programmes ever made.

    Richard E Grant would be perfect, in my view.

    Still, the BBC seem to be very good at ruining these kinds of things so I’m sure it will be Izzard.

  3. I don’t think Izzard would be any more pretentious and affected than Tom Baker was and Tom is one of my favorite actors to play the part. After all, Tom’s ego kept him from participating in the 20th Anniversary show when they asked him to do it.

  4. Col cannot be serious!  Eddie Izzard is not pretentious or affected!  He has a great sense of humour, and finds something to laugh about in everything (hence the permanent glint in his eyes!) I love him!

  5. I think that Eddie would fit well withing the role of the Doctor but that it would ruin his own career.

    And haven’t we already had the dandy?

  6. Eddie Izzard as the Doctor? Oh no, here’s come the infamous Colin Baker years again.  The man for the job—and who would bring charm and style and RATINGS, most of all—is Anthony Stewart Head of Buffy.  Ian Richardson is also a favorite.

  7. Eddie should so be doctor who, the guy is amazing. Although I gotta say, the idea of Giles (Anthony) as doctor who is cool as well.

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