Early reviews of “Matrix Revolutions” hitting the net.

The folks over at Ain’t It Cool News have three early fan reviews of The Matrix Revolutions up based on preview showings of the film. All three people who wrote say they weren’t big fans of the second film and went into the third with skepticism only to be blown away by the finale. Beware that the third review has some minor spoilers in it, but you’re warned of such before you get to it so don’t read it if you don’t want to know anything prior to seeing the film.

Personally, I’m not surprised that the third film sounds like it’ll turn out pretty good. I remember not being all that impressed with The Empire Strikes Back when it was released and it’s still my least favorite of the original Star Wars Trilogy despite it arguably being the best of the three films in some critics’ eyes. So I’m looking forward to seeing Revolutions especially seeing as we have an IMAX theater here in the Detroit area and it’ll be released there on the same day as regular theaters. What’s scarier than Agent Smith? Why a 4 story tall Agent Smith, of course.

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  1. Thank you finally some good reviews of this movie! I just came out of the theatre and it kicked ass. It delivered just like we knew it had too. First half of the movie is really where the bad reviews are coming from, but that’s mostly cos it continues the story line from reloaded without a pause, which is a bit disconcerting, but once the action starts, all the clever stuff and all the build up finally works! You’ll even care about the kid! ( and didn’t we all just hate him in revolutions! )
    Go and see this movie guys!!!!!!!!

  2. The Freshness Rating for it over at Rotten Tomatoes is at a mere 38% so it looks like the critics aren’t too happy with it, but I’ll probably go and see it anyway just because I want to see how it all plays out.

  3. I was burnt out from school and I had just written an exam I wasn’t happy with and I was slinking home and feeling terrible.  I stopped for a coffee and saw that The Matrix Revolutions was being released in an hour and I was only two blocks from the theatre. I remember going to see the first one in San Francisco with a good friend.  I had expected nothing when I walked in and from the first scene I was blown away.  And then came Reloaded and I was expecting the same thing. Therein may have laid the problem. I came away from that second movie dissapointed beyond belief.  Part of the reason was that I had so wanted to love it and I just didn’t.  It seemed to have lost it’s focus and became a big, sprawling beast, whereas the first had been lean and driven.
    Last night I sat in that theatre and I saw a trilogy completly redeem itself through its last chapter.  I mean everything worked .  It was cut in the right places, it never crossed over to being embarassingly sentimental, the action was sustained with it never becoming too long.  You were able to care about the charecters again. You were able to love them. The only flaw was the abscence of the original Oracle.  Nothing against the present one but it would have been so nice to have seen her in this last movie.

  4. Matrix 3 was the most disappointing film possible. No philosophy, no religion, no surprises, no plot twists. No explanation of why the things were the way they were. Not enough Merovingian, Persephone, or Architect. Very predictable. Sad, boring and a wasted end to an inspired beginning.

  5. **Spoilers**
    I thought the movie was great.  To me it explained everything.  If people don’t pay attention to detail they will most likely be dissapointed because they are looking for some big “something” and by doing so miss all the answers the third one answers about the first and second movie.

    The whole basis of the movie is the people want to exist and the robots want to exist.  They need each other (which played out during the battle scenes at Zion and Neo’s decent into the harvesting fields).

    I had to admit the sunshine ending was cheesy, but I got it when I left.

    Too bad the original oracle died of Cancer, but all in all, the new oracle was okay.  If you’re slow you might have to see it more than once, but do so if you want to understand the movies and not walk away dissapointed.

  6. I think that they probably HAD a good idea for the matrix 3 about 4 years ago, but then they decided to throw away every good idea in favor of something retarded just becuase no one would be expecting it.  Well good work, I never saw it coming.  I think all the Christ symbolism was uneccesary and poorly done.  And from start to finish it only made sense if you were willing to believe that being “the one” means that nothing envolving you has to have a rational explanation

  7. Mr. Anderson!


    Jun 12 2004

    HOLLYWOOD star Keanu Reeves put his action hero training to good use when he was caught in a drive-by shooting.

    The 39-year-old is used to playing heroic roles in films like The Matrix and Speed.

    And Reeves reacted like he was starring in an action movie when gunfire ripped through a Los Angeles neighbourhood as he did his shopping.

    The actor stayed calm as windows shattered and people screamed in terror inside the supermarket, according to a US tabloid.

    And Reeves reacted like it was a real-life version of one of his films as he hit the ground, yelling at panicked customers: ‘Get down.’

    After the gunshots died away, Reeves crept to the front of the store to peak outside.

    After scanning the empty street, he said to the store owner: ‘Call the police.’

    But when cops arrived and swarmed the streets the culprits were nowhere to be seen.

    The shoppers then found many of their cars had been shot.

    Police believe the shooting was a random attack by a gang member proving himself.

    I wonder if he stopped any bullets. tongue rolleye

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