Crappy Halloween costume from my past.

As long as I’m feeling nostalgic I may as well post a photo I found of an old Halloween costume I did one year. Click it for a bigger picture.

I have no idea what the hell I was going for with this outfit. In the picture I look like the Amazing Tinfoil Face, but in reality it was a face covered with latex rubber that had all sorts of swirls and patterns in it from the brush I used to put it on plus I scrunched up my face as I used a hair dryer to blow it dry to make it look all wrinkly. Then a fresh coat of silver makeup and presto! A costume that’ll have everyone asking, “Is that tinfoil on your face?! How’d you do that?”

5 thoughts on “Crappy Halloween costume from my past.

  1. What? Because I have no chin without it? I still had a chin back then. I believe I was 17 in that photo and my chin hadn’t quite started to fade as of yet.

  2. That is the most hilarious thing i’ve seen in a while. “amazing tinfoil face”!!!

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