Coalition for a Fair Michigan out to fight gay marriage amendment.

I’ve written before about asshat Sen. Alan Cropsey out of Dewitt and his proposed amendment to the Michigan Constitution that would ban gay marriages and outlaw companies and civil governments from providing any kind of benefits to “domestic partners” which several places currently do. Now a group has formed specifically to try and defeat this unfair bit of legislation.

Coalition for a Fair Michigan

We are a group of fair minded leaders and organizations committed to keeping Michigan from adding a cruel amendment to our constitution that would do much more than define marriage:

It would eliminate local ordinances that have been passed granting domesticate partnerships, which are city certificates validating relationships but granting no rights.

It would eliminate domestic partner benefits through state universities, which give health care and other crucial benefits to same sex partners of employees.

It would duplicate several laws which are already on the books defining marriage as one man and one woman….How many laws do they need?

It would set a dangerous precedent of using our constitution to restrict the rights of one group of people for the first time in our history.

The people presenting this amendment to the state Senate have vowed to go to a petition drive if they fail there. It looks more and more likely that they will be successful in bringing this wasteful amendment to the voters in November of 2004.

The Coalition is a ballot question committee formed to defend Michigan against this attack on our constitution.

Their site is just the one page at this point, but with any luck it’ll develop quickly and become a useful resource in defeating this initiative. It also contains the address for their office in Lansing. Keep an eye on them if you’re as concerned about this proposed amendment as I am.

3 thoughts on “Coalition for a Fair Michigan out to fight gay marriage amendment.

  1. Is it not sad that these people can forget that any amendment which discriminates based of sexual preference is not only unconstitutional, but inhumane. The entire issue reminds me of a speech a congressional candidate Randy Neugebauer made at a local community college. When asked by a lesbian woman what he would do for her and others like her, he turned to his wife and after pulling her onstage was quoted as saying “This, is a real marriage.” before pausing and quickly changing the subject. Honestly, I believe that most political supporters of this proposed amendment realize that it is illegal but support it anyway. After all, how can they feel secure in their intentions when they refuse to face them?

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