Asking for trouble.

Sum up your opinion or impression of me in one word. Leave it as a comment in this posting. Then post this sentence in your own journal.

Found originally at ***Dave Does the Blog who got it from Scott’s place who contracted it from his wife who picked it up from Brian’s site. *whew*

20 thoughts on “Asking for trouble.

  1. non-eurologophallophobic

    which means yer a white man who is unfraid of using naughty words! Bua-ha!

    (No. I did not make that up. I read it in a journal article recently. For real.)

  2. Truculent. I just like the word…truck-you-lent! I don’t really think of you as aggressive.

  3. I have to admit that this has generated more positive statements than I thought it would. I had rather anticipated a fair amount of criticism. Color me pleasantly surprised.

  4. Antidisestablishmentarianism

    I found this word lurking unused under a pile of old magazines, so I thought ‘hmm lets put it to some good use here’. I say we dust off those poor unemployed words and recycle them, thus making the world a better place!!! =P

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