Ashcroft ROCKS!

You have to give me credit for actually listening to this creepy treacle so I could give you my honest opinion. Standing at a podium in front of the American flag having just given an address to a Seminary school (remember that this is the man who annointed himself before he took office) he warbles out this awful torch song to America. I honestly thought that this was some kind of video manipulation like the Bush/Blair endless love song, but it isn’t…

My final verdict? He made BOTH of my testicles crawl up into my body cavity but was still better to listen to than the Achey Breaky Heart.

8 thoughts on “Ashcroft ROCKS!

  1. Now I understand the EVIL part of Stupid Evil Bastard. God Damnit. I can’t believe I clicked on that link and watched it! MY EARS! MY EYES!

    /me weeps.

  2. I think I’m going to need therapy now. Truthfully, his voice isn’t appallingly bad… but that song! Good God, who told him he should subject innocent citizens to that! It’s like Barry Manilow at his sappiest and cheesiest. The horror!

  3. I just want to point out, for the record, that this was one of Eric’s posts and all hate mail should be directed toward him. grin

    Thankfully, I didn’t click on the link.

  4. I nonconcur…Achey Breaky Heart is kind of catchy after you listen to it a few dozen times!

  5. *You must check out* I imagine he will be selling a CD soon. Just to be fair, there are plenty of patriotic, religious and generally bad recordings out there already. If you want to be sickened, embarrassed or tickled beyond belief check out the 365 Days list of infamous recordings, which I’ve been meaning to pass on for a while now.
    365 Days Project

    William Shatner’s “Rocket Man” is there, as is an offering by Jodie Foster, just to name a couple.

    You’ll also find Paul Harvey, Richard “survey says” Dawson, Dick Clark, Orson Welles “Get me a jury and show me how you can say in July and I’ll go down on you”, and a piece called “Religion for Retarded – Lessons 13 and 14”.

    This site is amazing for allowing bad material to be so much fun to listen to, and the wealth of offerings is unequaled anywhere else that I know of. One of the scariest pieces is probably “Jesus Put the Stars in the Sky” by Lil’ Markie who is also responsible for the ridiculous but oh so serious “Diary of an Unborn Child”

    When you have your next get together and play a few of these classic recordings to both amuse and disgust your friends, don’t forget to thank me…or curse me, whichever may apply.

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