An update on Mom’s status.

Cindy called around midnight last night. They had run an ultrasound on Mom and ruled out gall bladder issues as well as liver and a couple of other possibilities. Mom has a fever and her white blood cell count is elevated so they think it’s some form of infection. This actually made me more worried as I don’t like not knowing what the problem is. I didn’t sleep well and I took today off of work because A) I’d just sit at work and worry and if I’m going to do that I may as well be at home and B) I was debating driving up to see her.

I called Mom around 9:30 this morning and spoke to her briefly. She sounded ragged, but otherwise OK. She assured me she was fine and that there was nothing to worry about. Said they were going to run a cat scan on her this morning to see what they could find. She was happy it wasn’t her gall bladder because they had just gotten done canning all that “damned cabbage relish” and she would’ve been pissed if she couldn’t eat it. Apparently you’re not allowed to eat cabbage if you don’t have a gall bladder, I didn’t know that. The pain she had been feeling was gone this morning though her arm had swollen up from a problem with her IV. She didn’t sleep well, but then neither did I.

I’ve decided to hold off on driving up there for the moment. My Dad’s been trying to keep my brother and I at bay anyway and my brother-in-law is currently with my Dad to help him out. Anne may end up having to go up and stay with Dad for a few days as she’s the only one in the family right now that’s not working and as such has the time available to do this. Not knowing what the problem is makes me more worried than thinking it was her gall bladder. For the moment I’ll just have to sit and wait and see what happens. A big thank you to every who has sent good wishes to us. We appreciate your thoughts and kind words.

UPDATE: I put up a small notice on Momma’s Corner about Mom’s hospital visit. If you guys want to leave her a little “get well soon” note on that thread I’m sure she’d appreciate it.

8:00PM UPDATE: Still no word from the hospital on what the problem is. Mom’s staying at the hospital overnight and her doctor was due to show up sometime after 6PM to discuss with her what they thought might be wrong, but so far no word yet on if they’ve reached a diagnosis. For her part Mom seems to have recovered from whatever it was as Dad is reporting that she’s sounding much better this evening. Still, you want to be sure whatever it was is gone before you leave the hospital so you don’t end up heading right back there again so we’re still waiting.

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  1. i could be wrong but it appears the light at the end of the tunnel is closer than it was a few days ago. best of luck les smile

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