When Good Candy Goes Bad, next on FOX!

Hairboy sent me a link to this rather bizarre candy mishap where a 9-year-old Starke, Florida girl was hurt when the jawbreaker she was about to put into her mouth exploded severely burning her face, neck and arm.

News4Jax.com – News – 9-Year-Old Recovering After Jawbreaker Blows Up

Investigators are testing the candy to figure out what happened.

“I can’t say if it’s a product defect or if it’s tampering at this point in time,” Bradford County sheriff’s Lt. Kenneth Hinds told Channel 4’s Adam Landau.

The was also some speculation that the candy was left in the sun, the liquid inside was boiling or had some chemical reaction.

Part of the piece of candy was taken to the Florida Law Enforcement crime lab in Jacksonville for analysis. Another part was still laying in the family’s yard, covered by ants.

Yikes! The poor girl will probably end up having to undergo some cosmetic surgery, but is reported to be in pretty good spirits considering her ordeal.

4 thoughts on “When Good Candy Goes Bad, next on FOX!

  1. Jesus!  I never heard of such a thing!  How terribly terribly dissapointing.  First, no jawbreaker to enjoy and Second, searing, excruciating pain.  I suppose in retrospect, the whole “no jawbreaker to enjoy” seems minor.

  2. Wow this is so strange! My daughter loves those things. I always worried that she could choke on them but never that they could blow up. From the pics I’ve seen it’s unbelievable how much damage it did.

    Great site… I have added you to my blogroll so that I can stop back again:)

  3. I was thinking what Ken was thinking when I read this earlier; imagine if this happened during Halloween—“the” terrorists would be blamed!

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