Whamm-O sues makers of “Dickie Roberts” film.

This actually comes as no surprise to me.

CNN.com – Slip ‘N Slide makers sue ‘Dickie Roberts’ – Sep. 8, 2003

LOS ANGELES, California (AP)—The makers of the Slip ‘N Slide filed a lawsuit Monday over a scene in the hit movie “Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star” that shows actor David Spade skidding to a painful halt on the summertime water toy.

Wham-O is asking a judge to order the film out of theaters as long as it contains the Slip ‘N Slide scene, or for a disclaimer to be added urging viewers not to try the maneuver made by Spade.

I put this under the “Stupidity in Action” category not because I think the folks at Wham-O are stupid, but because I think the whole situation is stupid. When you take into account this little nugget of information near the end of the article:

The product was taken off store shelves in the 1990s after a series of adult accidents. Wham-O became a privately owned company in 1997 after being put on the market by its former owner, Mattel.

Monday’s lawsuit mentions one legal action brought by a Wisconsin adult who became paralyzed after diving onto the slide while intoxicated. The plaintiff in that case was awarded $12.3 million in damages, according to Monday’s lawsuit.

And combine that bit of info with all of the news items that you see every day about idiots imitating stunts from movies such as Jackass and it suddenly becomes very easy to understand why the folks at Whamm-O would try and get the scene yanked from the movie or a disclaimer put on it. They’ve already been successfully sued by one idiot over this toy and now they’ve got a movie that demonstrates another idiot injuring themselves with their product.

I’d fucking sue too. Not because I’d want to, but because I’d feel like I’d have to. For Chris’sakes! Put a fucking disclaimer on there before another idiotic adult hurts themselves and sues us into the stone age!

Another benefit of an overly litigious society. Yay.

5 thoughts on “Whamm-O sues makers of “Dickie Roberts” film.

  1. Pretty funny considering it’s been in the trailer for weeks now.  I can understand the action in some ways, but the exposure of the product might increase sales.  I totally forgot about slip and slides until I saw the commercial and we used to have one.

  2. Damn – all those grass burns on my ass and I could have sued?  I have a scar on my side from getting it ripped open when one of the metal stakes came loose.  That’s *gotta* be worth something, right?

    Thank jeebus for lawyers – we need someone to save us from ourselves, groan.

  3. I agree with cindy since it’s been in the trailers for weeks.  I couldn’t believe it.  Even a kid knows the basic physics of a slip and slide…you can’t slide without water.  This is just another one of those stupid lawsuits to get more money just like the guy who sued his neighbor for running over his hand while he was trying to steal her hubcabs…guess what, he won.  I’m telling you, it’s all about the money.

  4. I don’t think it is right for them to sue becuase the movie actually demonstates what will happen when the stunt is done.

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