Underworld 2 and a possible prequel.

Hairboy sends word that the screenwriter and director behind Underworld have been signed up to come up with a sequel according to the folks at Cinescape. In addition to the sequel there’s also talk of doing a prequel as well.

25 thoughts on “Underworld 2 and a possible prequel.

  1. I loved the first movie and I have no doubt that I will love the sequal. But, a prequal would be kind of stupid.

  2. i thought the first one was a kick ass movie i i think they should have a sequel for it.
    Marcus against Michael

    who would the winner be???

  3. That is excellent news!

    I’m a “late comer” to the first Underworld and, regrettably, never saw it in the theater. That is one mistake I will *not* make with the sequel. I’ve been watching the DVD almost non-stop since I first bought it only a few days ago. I’m hooked.

    I don’t know what I can say about this movie now that wouldn’t be obvious to its fans, but Underworld is, to put it mildly, one *S-L-I-C-K* movie. It’s the first film about Vampires and Werewolves I’ve seen in recent (and not-so-recent) memory that does the genre justice. Rather than going the “same-old route” with a theme that so often turns into a rolling train-wreck of cliche’ and hokey dialogue, Underworld dares to take risks with an “established” genre, twists some rules, creates some new ones, and comes across fresh and believable. A cool, slick breath of fresh air.

    Then there’s the cast…

    First and fore-most, Kate Beckinsale is incredible in her role. Perfect. Selene is, far and away, the coolest, most intoxicating character I’ve seen in a movie in a long time. I fell in love with her. I doubt they could’ve pulled it off with anyone else, and (crosses fingers) hopefully they won’t have to try to in the sequel. Her expressions when she doesn’t speak, her voice and tempo when she does… everything about Selene is so damn sexy I can’t stand it… and don’t even get me started on the outfits, lol!

    And, not to neglect the rest of the characters… the entire movie was so well cast. Solid. No one comes across like a cardboard cut-out. Everyone, no matter how small their role, seems genuine. Unlike so many other films I’ve seen, even boasting so-called “high calibre talent”, I cared what happened to each and every Vampire, Lycan and Human in Underworld.

    I watched the DVD with the commentary and, hearing its creators discuss what they went through to get Underworld from paper-napkin concept sketches to celluloid makes it all the more impressive.

    So… Bravo to Len Wiseman, Danny McBride, Kevin Grevioux and everyone else who helped bring Underworld to life. Outstanding job. Let’s hope the studio(s) don’t muck around with their vision for the sequel and let them continue to flesh out the story as *they* envision it.

    Here’s to Underworld 2…

  4. Underworld was and is a fantastic movie a sequel wuold be even better AND a prequel would be great too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I thought the movie was one of the best movies I ever saw! I dont even care what the hell anyboby else thinks! Kate Beckinsale deserves lots and lots of credit for her role. The other actors and actresses are outstanding too! The whole crew and especially the director rock! I cant wait for the 2nd Underwold! It’s going to be probably even better!

  6. Underworld was a great movie! I had the honor of seeing it in the theater. It was the best action/horror I have seen. I liked Kraven the best, he was the leader of the Vampires. Viktor was also cool! Michael and Selene sucked! I hope Kraven comes back in the sequel with Marcus and they both kill Selene for breaking the covent. That would be great!

  7. I’ve been finding out info, and I’ve got something interesting to tell…

    Well, suposedly, the next Underworld is the prequel, and the movie goes back in time to when Kraven (oooh, Shane Brolly, yummy!)makes the pact with Lucien, then the rest of his life, all the way up to the present day.

    Well, I for one will DEFINATLY be seeing this movie, because I absolutley LOVED the first movie and when I got it on DVD watched it for at least 3 days straight (I think I lost track of time somewhere…) also, as the movie is about Kraven’s life, and he is my favourite charactor, being that he is so dark/evil/cruel, and utterly Fit with a capital ‘F’, and that shane Brolly (Kraven) has a sequel deal so he will still be Kraven (yay!)
    When the film comes out, I will die if my Mum has grounded me for another of my “childish/stupid stunts”, as she likes to call them (or I’ll just climb out of my window and go anyway)

    I, for one think that I would like to see a film where the bad guy is fit and evil (like Shane Brolly as Kraven) wins for once.

    I got this info from an interview with Shane Brolly, who told us some goss on the next film.

    Just one more thing I would like to know…


  8. Boo ya!  Finally, people who appreciate Underworld!!

    I don’t care what other people say, this is one of the best movies i ever saw!  Sweet is what i say!

    Kinda sad when Viktor was “x”ed…i really liked his character…oh well!  Selene was great…but dialogue could have been a bit better (damn she’s hot!).

    Anywho, hopefully sequel/prequel will be just as great…maybe even better!! =)

  9. Boo ya!  Finally, people who appreciate Underworld!!

    I don’t care what other people say, this is one of the best movies i ever saw!  Sweet is what i say!

    Kinda sad when Viktor was “x”ed…i really liked his character…oh well!  Selene was great…but dialogue could have been a bit better (damn she’s hot!).

    Anywho, hopefully sequel/prequel will be just as great…maybe even better!! =)

  10. Best Movie on the planet no questions.  All my friends say its bull**** but hells no!! Its so good.  Yea i dun think they shoulda killed off Viktor but whatcha gonna do.  Kate Beckinsale is my heroine, she is amazing in every way imaginable and she has the most gorgeous eyes in the world,  an absolute stunner, Wisman u r one lucky guy.  Sequel sounds like an awsome plan too!! so does a prequel im there for whatever
    stake out at the theatre if i gotta Hella!

  11. Underworld really was fantastic, and i agree with Trish that at least Kate Beckinsale should have been nominated for best actress. But then, only arty films win oscars, or massive films, not just the good ones.

    I am hoping they do a sequel first because we were left on a real cliff hanger, and a prequel would just annoy people at first. Although, potentially it is a good idea. For now though, i want to see what happens with Selene and Michael, and with Craven and Markus. It is worth pointing out that Marcus wont have a clue what has happened for the two hundred years before him because the doctor Lycen wouldnt have organized his thoughts into a reccount. Also, he may struggle to get out of his little cage without a blood drip???

  12. I think if a prequel if done right could be very interesting, say a witch/warlock coven created the plaque that caused the disease of which both
    species eminated from and they need the essence of both to live.  Thicken the plot with twists, turns, emotions, action driven with an excellent
    storyline: prequel or sequel it will be highly awaited. History can always have more story to
    add to story.

  13. Underworld is the best film i have ever seen =)

    the more sequals prequals u make the better 😀

    Beckinsale rocks smile

  14. I LOVED underworld, i just watch it 4 the first time a few days ago and cant stop watching it.  i think a sequal would be great, would Markus be half lycon half vamp now because he got woken up with the blood of a lycon?  i didn’t like Craven and think he’s a **** wimp obssed w/ power.  if they do a prequal about him i’d go see it but only ‘cause i like uw1 soooo much.  also i they do a prequal Micheal wouldn’t be in it and i liked him.

    anyway underworld was one of the best movies i’ve every seen, second only to LOTR and MAYBE pirates (but only because Johnny was so funny)

  15. Hey, me again! =P

    For anyone who’s interested, there’s a site (http://underwolrdrpg.proboards3.com/index.cgi) which is an rpg of underworld.  Its kinda under developing right now, but anyone can join and contribute!

    Btw, Pirates was pretty good! =)
    Hoping Pirates 2 is going to be good to…just like underworld 2 will be!!

  16. Nice as hell!!!
    Underworld was a crazy good movie and the 2nd will be great……

    Selene is very very hot…i wish she was my girlfriend lol

  17. i have been looking around for info on this film and shocked to see so many ppl saying about a prequel when yet its been said that both actors of seleene and micheal are in the next film (lil wierd to me as he used to be human ie not born then) well i loved the first one and to me seems pretty stupid to leave such a huge cliff hanger going as they do a prequel about somthin that was explained in full in the first movie he wanted power and wasnt strong enuff to get it so made a deal sounds pretty closed to me dont get me wrong i loved the film but it would be totally stupid for them to do a prequal unless the think up of somthin else and not the deal ie totally diffrent storry and diffrent ppl or same ppl and before and after but i cant see them leaveing such a huge cliff hanger getting everyone hyped to see it then its a prequel then it will put ppl off and they will get fed up of waiting and the movie

    but the film was brilliant not one bad thing about it pluss gorgeous girls who wouldnt love it =)

  18. I thought the movie was GREAT, one of the best movies of last year, I am really excited about the news of a sequel, the storyline is very well developed and Wiseman I’m sure could come up with a action packed follow up.  I also think that the idea of a prequel is an awsome idea, it would give the audience a more indept look into the lives of the amazing characters that have been created.  I am anxiously awaiting more news on this outstanding movie.

  19. The first one was really good.  The only way to make the sequel work is to have the same actors, they better not fuck it up

  20. I have finally found a site where everyone loves Underworld as much as I do. I would have to say Underworld is the best movie I’ve seen for ages and can’t wait for the sequal. Most of the reviews that I’ve read say that Underworld was a waste of money and not worth seeing, they have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about.
    I’ve heard news that “Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman will reprise their roles from the original flick and Underworld director Len Wiseman will also be back behind the lens.” and “There are two more Underworld flicks currently in the works.” (http://movies.go.com/movies/U/underworld2_2005/index.html)

  21. I got to thinking last night about the end of the first one. Marcus will be awaken by lycan blood would that make a differace?

  22. Underworld was a great movie. No matter what other people say. And there is a sequel coming out, the fliming will begin early this fall and will be out in theaters sometime in 2005. Also between 10 and 20 min. in the begining of the sequel will be devoted to the past (lots of battles.)
    A prequal s still in the works!
    And both Kate and Scott will be retuning to the movie.
    Also there is a book Underworld it’s a good read it goes more indepth than the movie. Plus you can preorder the book that goes with the second movie.
    One last thing Marcus is a hybrid like Michael! cool cheese

  23. Underworld is the greatest movie I have ever seen. This mopvie is not cliche at all and I love that they believe vampire and lycans can have a soul and not only be monster here to bleed every human dry.

    I heard the first movie was going to be a prequel that takes place before Selene’s was turned into a vampire. I think that is so cool !

    Don’t get me wrong because I absolutely love Selen’s character and Kate Beckinsale is a wonderful actress, but I am in love with len’s univers, the whole movie. I can’t wait to see the third opus now that I know it would explain the begining of the story, why the war started and all.

    Plus, Len said that we will learn more about Lucian, so we can hope to learn more about his relationship with Sonja too. I am so happy about that, Lucian is my favourite character, I desperatly missed him in evolution. I just can’t wait to watch more of him and his whole backstory that is for me the most interesting in this movie.

    I just hope they’ll take the same actors and all. I wouldn’t appreciate if they don’t take Jazmin Damak to play Sonja, ok we just see her 2 scd in the first movie but i’m used to her, I couldn’t see another actress play Sonjz. And I have to admit I am a bit afraid that Len wouldn’t direct the third movie. Ok he write the script and produce it but I just hope the atmosphere blue/dark wouldn’t change because of that.

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