Treasury spending $53 million to market new $20 bill.

I understand the “why” behind this, but it still boggles my brain when I think about it. You’d think the fact that we don’t really have a choice about whether or not we can use the new $20 bill would be enough as it’s illegal to refuse valid money. A fact that makes it worthwhile to track down $2 bills and then go shopping with them when you feel like causing trouble.

People are generally stupid, though, so I suppose it’s in our best interests to spend a ridiculous amount of money to try and educate the clueless masses about the new bill. I wonder how many homophobes will refuse to accept the bills due to their pinkish color…

8 thoughts on “Treasury spending $53 million to market new $20 bill.

  1. I wonder if they would let a few unemployed tech help in this marketing venture? I could sure use the work, and $53 million is a lot of new $20 bills to help with that venture.

    Just send me about 10,000 $20 bills, and I’ll be happy to go around and help educate people that the new $20 is on it’s way into the public’s hands. smile

  2. I think they look cool.
    Much more like the more attractive Canadian and EU currencies.
    Also much more difficult to counterfeit. For now.

  3. Hmm well to me they look like monopoly money, your old dollar bills had that toy shop quality to them as well. Then again what would I know, I used to spend all my time folding five pound notes so you could see the queens arse, I daresay Mild Bill knows what I am talking about….

  4. Personally, I think someone should address why we still have one dollar bills!  They have less and less worth with inflation and are costing us quite more than 53 mil. per year to keep in circulation. Other countries have higher denomination coins for a reason, you know.  And get rid of pennies I say!  Who wants they anyway?

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