Thinking of adding a shoutbox/tagboard.

I’ve been debating adding a shoutbox/tagboard thingy to the site, but wasn’t sure if anyone would actually use it. I see them on other blogs all the time and they look like it’d be amusing to play with one so I was kicking the idea around and thought I’d get some feedback on it. Are those things popular enough that you guys would use one if I slapped it up?

5 thoughts on “Thinking of adding a shoutbox/tagboard.

  1. Hmm nice idea, but does it come with a ‘tard’ filter, I think you know what I’m talking about here. wink

  2. Why not stick with comments, at least then we might exercise our brains to come up with a half decent excuse to descend to foul language, not like those dumb fucks who use tag boards.

  3. OK, I’ll leave it off. Thanks for the feedback. It’s one of those things you see at other sites and think “well, that’s kinda cool.” But then you realize you can’t think of a good use for it.

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