Sony announces upcoming release of PS2 hard drive… finally.

$99 for 40 Gigs seems a bit high, but it does come with a full version of Final Fantasy XI pre-installed so I suppose it’s not a bad deal.

Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces March 2004 Release For PlayStation(R)2 Hard Disk Drive

The Hard Disk Drive will come pre-installed with Square Enix’s highly anticipated massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), FINAL FANTASYXI, allowing cross-platform play between the PlayStation 2 and a personal computer. In addition, the company plans to include sneak-peek product demos as well as PlayStation 2 titles, to be announced, pre-installed as part of the product package. Other product features or benefits include 40GB of storage, faster loading times, saving CDs to create a personal jukebox, and the ability to download content – levels, missions, characters, and much more.

Soon-to-be-released PlayStation 2 titles SOCOM II: U.S. Navy SEALs and Syphon Filterή: The Omega Strain, published by Sony Computer Entertainment America, will be among the first to utilize the Hard Disk Drive with new content for consumers to download.

In addition to the gaming content, the internal Hard Disk Drive will also include a customized media player specifically designed for PlayStation 2. The media player offers a myriad of entertainment options to the consumer including playing MP3s, storing CDs, further expanding the functionalities of the top-selling console. The media player will also incorporate a photo manager allowing users to store, display and edit digital photos, as well as a games manager to organize and browse games stored on the drive.

Available in March 2004 for $99 suggested retail price (SRP), the internal Hard Disk Drive attaches to the Network Adaptor (Ethernet/modem) (for PlayStation2), which connects to both broadband or dial-up networks, and rests in the expansion bay of the PlayStation 2 console.

Guess I should start saving my pennies.

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  1. 40 gigs is just right to me because of the patches Square-Enix may have instore for people. So you don’t want to be caught off guard with a 8-12 gig hard drive and not have room because you wanted to upload music onto the hard disk drive.

  2. Would it be possible to substitute the 40-Gig HD for a 120GB instead? The great thing about the PS2 is that the expansion slot is removable, unlike the Xbox you have to do some mod(ifcation).

    Just curious about this…


  3. That’s a good question, Yukon. At the moment I don’t know if anyone knows the answer to it. Certainly there’s no physical reason why such a substitution isn’t possible as you’ve already pointed out the drive is removable, but there may be driver issues or limitations on supported disk sizes in the OS that could come into play.

    I’m sure it won’t be long until someone tries it (if they haven’t already) or until some inventive third party comes up with a hack that accomplishes it so keep an eye open. Considering the Xbox only comes with an 8 Gig drive, do you really think more than 40 is necessary?

  4. So what can u do basically with the (HDD), i know u can do “media player specifically designed for PlayStation 2. The media player offers a myriad of entertainment options to the consumer including playing MP3s, storing CDs, further expanding the functionalities of the top-selling console. The media player will also incorporate a photo manager allowing users to store, display and edit digital photos, as well as a games manager to organize and browse games stored on the drive”(posted above). Is that all is their a website where its shows a list of things ??????????????!!!?!??!?!

  5. can the ps2 hdd be used to turn ur ps2 into a full function computer in other word can i install window on it and use it as a computer

  6. I don’t know about Windows, but I believe Linux runs just fine on the PS2. If I remember correctly, some university built a Linux cluster out of 70 PS2’s (using the graphics chip for calculations, not the CPU).

    Off topic: I knew mathematicians that programmed their numerical jobs in PostScript and ran them on LaserWriters – at the time, these had the fastest CPUs available to them.

  7. ive put a regular PC hardrive and tried it and it did not work……im pissed off that the hardrive
    costs 99$ “with final fantasy XI”. why dosent sony sell the Hardrive sepratetly for 50$.

  8. Sony dosen’t even want to release the harddrive but the makers of FF pushed them into it.. that is why FF is coming preinstalled.. And you can not install a pc hardrive because of the bios.. it is a very special type of harddrive and that is why it cost more then a pc harddrive.

  9. I just want to know which games are going to use the HDD. Oh and IS THERE EVER GOING TO BE AN ONLINE FIGHTING GAME? Wouldnt it be great if something like Soul Calibur 2 or Tekken 4 were online? Or at least a downloadable character or new levels.

  10. A question that goes along w/ Pympjuices thought.  Can the hard drive help all games load faster ie. Champions of Norath, It seems as though this game is a little to intense for my current PS2 it gets all bogged down.  Well just wondering if the hard drive would help this game out, and others too.

  11. I just bought this HDD and pretty disappointed with it.  Seems to me that there is no media player unlike what this article mentioned.  It only stated in the manual on how you can play CD’s but it didn’t say anything about ripping CD’s into the HDD.  Also speaking of loading times in games, there isn’t any significant changed in that, too.  I put in my Vice City disc, for instance, and still had that usual 1 minute start up.  What about the photo manager like what this article also mentioned the HDD would have?  You can’t save games into it but only able to transfer files from the memory card into the HDD, but the games still requires the memory card in the slot.  Has Sony lied to us all along?  I didn’t just get this HDD just for FFXI because I’m not a big RPG fan.  I bought it for the other features that Sony said it would have.  But seems like these features aren’t present in the HDD.  I would like some answers about this because Sony should have reminded its customers that these features aren’t going to be present in the HDD.

  12. I have heard that the guys from xboxiz Evolution X are in the works of putting together a ps2 version that would allow us to save games and have mp3s loaded and other cool stuff. Hopefully they hurry cuz I can not wait any longer. But I will… smile

  13. what the fuck are all u guys talking about!!!!!!i just bought the HDD and i saved games, music, and a couple photo’s. and it does speed up loading times, ive tried it. sorry man but ur hardrive is bootleged.  sony has not lied to us, they have said everything that it can do!!!!!!!!

  14. Meanwhile PCs & PC games simply smoke any console anyway, Consoles are a dying breed.

  15. Not sure where you’re getting your info from there Nunya, but consoles are more widely adopted and enjoyed than ever before. Not only that, but online gaming is a huge growth area for consoles.

    We can sit and debate the relative worth and merits of games on the PC versus the consoles all day long, I happen to enjoy both forms myself, but to claim that consoles are a dying breed is to be seriously misinformed of the facts.

  16. how did u put music on it. i could not do that i even called sony and they said it couldnt put music on it……how do u then

  17. The PS2 HDD could certainly have music ripped into it, but there is no software that I know off yet, games will only load faster if they are built for the hdd. Like Resident Evil outbreak, in the game there should be an option to install on the hard drive which would enable u to have faster loading times. With playonline (which is free, unless u play FFXI which then u pay) u can download pictures and music, ive done it, but u have to enter a Credit card for playonline to work, but it wont charge u unless u buy something. hope this helps..

  18. u have to install the PS2 HDD utility disk that comes with is then it will come with a media player, which u can store music games and photos. try that. if not call sony,—-o give u a tip, dont format the HDD because it has info that can never return, unless if corrupted

  19. i bought the PS2 HDD and i did what u told me, it worked but, the games take ALOT of space….anyone do the samething??

    PS: who said PC’s are better than consoles? PC hav the worst control ever, and anyone who likes PC games suck my dick, then go back to playing their rollercoaster tycoon or whatever shit yalls be playin

  20. and can u store any game u want and then play later? like if i hire out a game can i store it on hardrive then return the game and still play off hardrive?

  21. so where in canada can you buy a network adaptor and a internal hard disk drive?¿?

  22. umm… IS there any way to connect the PS2’s HDD to a computer desktop to manage files a bit easier? And like, put a game in ur comp, then purt the files in the drive? I would like to do this WITHOUT opening my comp and putting the drive in….

  23. It’s a standard hard drive so hooking it up shouldn’t be a problem, the question is whether or not the PC can detect it and read whatever file system Sony is using on it.

    I’ve heard of two applications that’ll allow a PC to read a PS2 hard drive that’s been attached to it: WinHIIP and HDLdump. I don’t know much about either one of them, but that’s what Google is for.

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