Pat Robertson pits power of prayer against raging hurricane.

OK all you folks scrambling down there in Virginia and North Carolina to secure your homes from hurricane Isabel can relax and stop panicking now. Pat Robertson has taken it upon himself to protect you by taking advantage of his close, personal friendship with God.

Pat Robertson prays for Isabel to go out to sea (Pilot Online/

VIRGINIA BEACH – Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson today prayed on his Christian Broadcasting Network, based here, that Hurricane Isabel would turn from the coast. He asked God to put a “wall of protection” around Virginia Beach and the East Coast.

“In the name of Jesus, we reach out our hand in faith and we command that storm to cease its forward motion to the north and to turn and to go out into the sea,” Robertson prayed on The 700 Club program.

Now what the hell did I do with my duct-tape…

Via go fish.

9 thoughts on “Pat Robertson pits power of prayer against raging hurricane.

  1. OHHH Does that mean I can put all my yard crap back out???
    And I can return all the bottled water that I had to wait a half hour to buy???

    And people wonder why I find Christianity to be a joke…

  2. Seriously, I don’t even know why those eggheads at the National Hurricane Center even bother when you have a hurricane path trump card like Pat Robertson lingering around.

  3. The sad part is that Pat’s made a relatively safe bet. If the storm does turn and head back out over the ocean then Pat can claim victory for the power of prayer. If the storm hits, but does only light to moderate damage then Pat can claim that the effects were lessened because of his prayer. Hell, even if it does major damage and loss of life Pat can always lay claim that it would have been much worse if he hadn’t prayed to God about it.

    One of the many advantages to invisible beings is it makes it hard to argue against those who claim to have their favor.

  4. Pat is definitely in a win-win situation.  Even if Isabel hits and wipes out thousands of people, ole Pat can say it was the wrath of God against sinners, although I

  5. Wow, this guy REALLY reminds me of Zhang Liang from dynasty warriors.  For anyone who has no idea what I’m talking about, hes a crazy guy with a giant beard who believes he can save the Han dynasty by causing pesants to randomly kill people and making stuff appear out of nowhere.

    Asking the heavens, or in this case God, to make a wall appear to protect his people is right in his alley.

    And if anyone says that a city destroyed by this storm is a victim of the wrath of the lord, I ask the world to casterate, draw, and quarter them.

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