One more good reason for me to buy a PS3.

According to this article Sony has confirmed that the Playstation 3 will be backwards compatable with the PS2 and PS1.

Oh, and all those rumors of nVidia being involved in the graphics for PS3 have no basis in reality. According to these guys anyway… grin

8 thoughts on “One more good reason for me to buy a PS3.

  1. Les,

    When I first encountered your site, it appealed to me as a reliable clearinghouse for a wide range of dirt on the hypocrits leading and selling our country.  Sadly, it has been some time since a compelling strand has been initiated in this regard, and we are instead treated to a series of electronics consumer reports and pokes at religious zealots (who are, you must admit, easy targets). 

    Have They gotten to you?  Has Mild Bill (AKA Sweet William), one of Their most devious agents, subdued your rebellious nature with threats or extortion?  Was it a carrot or a stick that quenched the fire in your belly?

  2. grin You found me out. It was the large piles of cash they handed me that brought about my silence.

    You’re right, it’s been awhile since I’ve ranted much on Politics, but I beg your endulgence as I am ADHD and as such my interests tend to bounce around quite a bit. Truth is I haven’t paid as much attention to the news lately so I’ve not had much to get riled up about. I’ve been stressing over my job and when that happens I tend to avoid compounding it by stressing over the politicians running the country.

    Never fear, though, something’s bound to piss me off before too long and I’ll be back on that topic.

  3. I think you might be on to something Ken. I find myself impressed with the complex thought you and some others represent here on a regular basis but Les seems to adore Mild Bill (regardless of how self focused and pseudo-intellectual he is). I went away for awhile because I got tired of the lazy discussion style so prevalent of late. I can’t decide which I detest most in myself. The righteous indignation I feel when I read the Religion 101 some on here simply must repeat over and over, or how bored I get with the mindless “yeah, I loved that game… did you hear Version 15 is gonna be out in time for Christmas?” or ” well this is the way it is because when I was an ace armed serviceman…” Sometimes I want to introduce others to this great site. Sometimes I wonder why. Maybe it’s really me. Maybe I just don’t deserve to be here.

  4. Well guys, I’m sorry if you feel I’ve let you down as of late, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. Stick around if you wish, leave if you don’t. I appreciate your contributions to the discussions, but I’ve never concentrated on any one thing exclusively so if the lack of focus in my topics bothers you then you may want to look elsewhere. I won’t be offended if you leave for greener pastures.

  5. Fair enough Les. This site has always managed to interest me enough to come back and I appreciate the effort and passion you put into it. I guess it just seems to me sometimes that you focus on a few contributors and leave others to feel that they don’t exist, or that what they wrote didn’t measure up. All sites go up and down and most contributors eventually say something worth reading. Thanks for giving us the chance to vent and discuss. Above all I appreciate that.

  6. I have also been lax as of late, but then I don’t think anyone ever read my posts anyways raspberry. I hope to be in the mood to post soon (seasonal depression lifting… energy returning…) and I tend to post only on religion and politics since I have no other interests that move me enough to speak of. I will make it a point to hunt down some particularly inflamatory items to rant about within the next week or two.

    I actually did compose a few entries last month but deleted them without posting them.

  7. Looking forward to that Eric. You always have something entertaining and/or compelling to say. Not kissing up or anything…just continuing to practice my own penchant for being willing to publicly credit or challenge, regardless of whether it inspires affection for me.

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