Ohio to finally ratify 14th Amendment, for the second time.

Good to see they’re finally catching up to the rest of us:

Ohio to correct ‘crazy history’ – The Cincinnati Post

Next week, Ohio will take a long-overdue step forward into the 21st century—by momentarily stepping back into the 19th century.

To set the historical record straight after 135 years, Ohio is about to complete re-ratification of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, the measure that initially gave freed slaves citizenship and later would be used by courts to extend virtually every personal liberty and right granted in the Bill of Rights.

The Ohio General Assembly originally ratified the amendment in 1867, but after Ohio voters later that year defeated a referendum to give African-Americans the right to vote, a newly elected Democratic-controlled Legislature rescinded Ohio’s ratification in 1868.

Ohio’s official position on the amendment has hung in limbo since—which, among other unintended consequences, has allowed hate groups to seize on the issue to promote causes such as school segregation.

“I thought there was some kind of mistake when I heard about it,” said Ohio Sen. Mark Mallory, D-Cincinnati. “I was flabbergasted to find out we had this crazy history.”

Oops. We make a lot of jokes about Ohio here in Michigan, but some jokes just write themselves…

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