Mother of student expelled for oral sex on a school bus appeals daughter’s suspension.

Bad: Two thirteen year-old kids suspended for engaging in oral sex on a school bus returning from a field trip.

Worse: Mother of expelled daughter appeals the expulsion with the argument that the school’s written policies don’t specifically say such activity isn’t allowed so it shouldn’t be considered unacceptable behavior.

13 thoughts on “Mother of student expelled for oral sex on a school bus appeals daughter’s suspension.

  1. And to think I wasted my entire 7th grade year sleeping while on the bus… jeez… and my pastey white ass could have rounded third base before first hour.

    And to the mother… unconstitutional??? Okay… I’ll give her a freebee on that one… (let the other posters rip her a new one) but the fact the bus rules above and to the right of the driver didn’t state her and his acts as inappropriate doesn’t make them legal or at the very least tolerable…

    I can see it now… rule #11…


    One note… a question that has been bothering me… Can a minor be a pedophile?

  2. It probably doesn’t say not to take a crap on the bus either, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get in trouble for it.

  3. Yes, actually.

    Minors can be considered pedophiles.

    And to make things even more interesting, they can charge 16 year olds as adults for the crime.

    Welcome to Michigan.

  4. Thanks JethricOne… kinda…

    I guess those charges weren’t completely unfounded… (J/K)

    It varies state to state and the severity of the crime to be charged as an adult also differs… but to be LEGALLY Considered a Pedophile? What must the age difference between the two people be?

  5. Hilarious – except that my daughter’s only 10 – what’s in store?  They’ll probably have it all spelled out by then.  I never had a school bus.

  6. I assume that there is no technical rule against killing bus driver posted either.  Is it O.K. then?  Jeez, people should be required at some point to think for themselves.

  7. Just found this when I was looking through old posts and it made me sick so I had to put my two cents in on this one so here comes the mad ranting. First, and certainly foremost, what in the FUCK was this girl’s mother thinking? Come on, she should have just let her precious angel take the suspension and get it over with; forget the fact that she’s going to have that cute little “slut” label until she’s in her twenties. Secondly, doesn’t this woman think there is something wrong with the fact that her THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD daughter is giving head to a kid on the bus? Honestly, studies have shown that the majority of those who experiment at such an early age have suffered from some form of sexual abuse, and to think that this isn’t a warning sign is just stupid. Lastly, I didn’t get laid until I was seventeen and as a manwhore I admit I experimented when I was young, but not at THIRTEEN. Christ, the depths of human stupidity never, and I mean NEVER cease to amaze me.

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