Michigan man injured by sword at Ren Fest.

A coworker of mine works at the Michigan Renaissance Festival every year and told me about this on Monday. Seems the guys that do the jousting demonstrations decided to try something new with a target they set up to hurl their swords at. The target was surrounded with hay bales just in case they should miss, you know, so the hay would stop the sword. Well the hay didn’t stop the sword, but this poor fellow’s leg did.

Festivalgoer cut by sword – 09/09/03

Frederick Johns, 60, is recuperating at home from a sword wound suffered Saturday while watching a match about noon at the popular festival.

The Roseville man suffered a 2-inch cut to the left hip when a swordsman’s 40-inch weapon missed a wooden target and struck him, as Johns was watching the event from a few feet away.

“It felt like it hit the bone when it went in,” Johns said. “I guess I’m lucky. A few feet higher it might have hit an organ.”

From what my friend describes the sword did hit bone and bounced back out onto the field. It was fast enough that most of the crowd didn’t even realize what had happened. Needless to say this guy has already contacted 1-800-CALLSAM (local lawyer who advertises heavily on TV for injury cases) and will probably own the Festival by this time next year.

2 thoughts on “Michigan man injured by sword at Ren Fest.

  1. This is the first year that this particular troupe has performed at MiRF.  Looks like it may be their last…

    The troupe is likely required to carry their own liability insurance, just in case shit like this happens.

  2. Hey you know we work and the ren fest and there is nothing wrong just some good bloody fun the guy was lucky he got to keep the sword acidents happen
    thats all he was more likely to be hit by a car in the parking lot anyway….
    i think it was human population control at its best.

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