Kat on 9/11.

Kat over at My Single Mom Life has a small rant about the memorial service being held in New York where the children of the victims are reading off the names of those they lost on 9/11. About midway through she makes a point that I felt was a good one and wanted to share with you here.

Everything I read or hear starts with something like he was on the 87th floor.

Iɒm sorry.

But who was he?

Was he good and kind, cruel and mean, funny and brilliant? What is your favorite memory of him?

What was the greatest day of his life? The day he married? The birth of his first child? Graduating from college?

What was it? Who was he??

Is there nothing you can smile over?

Is there no memory of joy that can wipe the number of the floor from your mind even for just a moment?

All these pictures of faces and buttons with faces.

Who were they?

I dont mean just their names. I mean who were they?

I donҒt want to hear anymore about what floor they were on, what plane. I want to hear who they were. I want to hear what made you love them. I want to know what they were like in life because you are mourning their loss when you could be celebrating their life.

The day was tragic. It will never be forgotten.

But we can live, we can go on. Not move on past it and forget it, but to go on is to find the joy in the life they shared with us.

Indeed. I think the above is pretty good advice for any tragedy in which you lose loved ones.

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