Isabel 1, Pat Robertson 0.

Looks like Isabel won’t go down as one of the worst hurricanes to hit the coast, but she’s still managed to lay a pretty good smack-down on the area. Four deaths attributed to the storm so far and roughly 3.5 million people without power. No word from Pat yet on what went wrong with his prayer, but I’m expecting the “it could’ve been much worse if not for us” tactic.

24 thoughts on “Isabel 1, Pat Robertson 0.

  1. I caught a bit of Pat last night after power came back on (I was one of the VERY few lucky ones and only lost power for 7 hours yesterday.) It seems Pat is going to be giving away money (which is a cool thing honestly) to help people out.

    But his motives worry me…might it be that he is trying to bribe his followers so that they won’t start thinking he a fraude???

  2. At last read, Virginia had (at 10) more deaths from the hurricane than any other state and has been declared a national disaster area. I personally believe Pat only uses these mass prayer events to draw more free publicity to his ministry. Way to go Les! Keep advertising for the man. Maybe he’ll make you an honorary deacon. LOL

  3. IB Bill, it seems to me that Robertson has more than enough deluded followers to have effected positive results. Since we are speaking of the unpredictability of weather patterns, and no one can know the Mind of this Christian God they were praying to (though far too many do claim to know His Mind),perhaps he wanted Pat’s followers to experience defeat. “Maybe” is a big word to throw around but I’ll use it anyway: Maybe there is no God to pray to. If asked to decide whether inhabitants should remain in the path of the hurricane and pray to God for protection, or play it smart and evacuate, I would have to say “You guys better run. Your God has proven time and again that you shouldn’t depend on him for safety.” After all,the Virginia Beach area was the area hardest hit.

  4. Brock: Didja see the smiley face? 

    But since you’re serious: Who is to say God hasn’t already answered prayers for protection over the years by allowing for an orderly evacuation? That by freeing people from vain superstitutions over the years, God has allowed politicians to raise money to pay engineers to build bridges and roads and vehicles and strong shelters, and so on …

  5. What does a smiley face have to do with the body of the message? What did you really say? That maybe too few people prayed for everything to turn out ok? Or that we who read SEB didn’t pray, but if we would’ve, everything might have turned out ok? Or were you really being sarcastic about the idea of prayer in the first place? Your single cryptic sentence raised more questions than one smiley face icon fits all positive intentions could serve. Some people on here use smiley faces to say “don’t give me any grief or contrary opinion to what I said, I have included a smiley face to disarm you.” That’s probably why I hate these damn abbreviations for communication. One is forced to feel guilty for not conceding to their short-cut assorted mandates (though some designs are cute as heck).  The only time I use them is by accident when I forget that a certain punctuation placement will summon them. That is why I call them “little gods”; they are there affecting the outcome of events whether I choose to believe in them or not.

    “That by freeing people from vain superstitions over the years God has allowed politicians to raise money to pay engineers to build bridges and roads and vehicles and strong shelters, and so on…” God apparently has allowed politicians to raise money (taxes)for things I don’t approve of. Things that don’t facilitate “roadways” and “bridges” (speaking metaphorically, without the use of icons) but instead foster hate and disenfranchisement, so I guess I prefer God to stay out of the community safety and improvement business. After all, God, or God’s tax collectors, have built Robertsons empire, and I see no good whatsoever in that, unless you want to view substantially enriching one man’s bank account and ego as good. The man has done more to foster hate and bigotry than most could. If I were a praying man I would have prayed for Isabel to carry him and his possessions off into the sea.

    I don’t feel that God has freed people from vain superstitions over the years; quite the contrary. Too bad there isn’t an icon to adequately represent my emotion in regard to God and the “good” he has done. I might be tempted to use it.
    BTW. Have you noticed how much per hour a public works employee earns as opposed to the average profit levels the construction firm enjoys. I think God needs to attend some fiscal responsibility classes.
    (Brought to you by the “I say it so you don’t have to” public service committee)(insert smiley face here for the intent impaired)

  6. Brock

    That maybe too few people prayed for everything to turn out ok?

    Coincidentally, I was channel surfing today and stopped on CBN, Pat Robertson

  7. Damn it Mild Bill, the only thing I can disagree with you on concerning your post above is “I was channel surfing today and stopped on CBN, Pat Robertson

  8. Ah the old ‘finding common ground with Mild Bill syndrome’ Brock I wouldn’t worry, it’s actually not such a rare occurrence, I have myself ‘agreed’ with Mild Bill on certain issues in the past. It would seem the enigma that is Mild Bill is perhaps not as disagreeable as a casual observer may believe.

    As for smilies, I think when used correctly they can help add a little expression to otherwise emotionless text, but I do agree they can be overused or abused.

    Sorry for going totally off topic, I just didn’t have anything to add to the praying solves real life issues rubbish, apart from of course it bloody doesn’t take a reality check people =P

  9. Ok Mild Bill, explain how I have a pair of pink and red evening fatigues with an “IB ‘Mild’ Bill” name-tag sewn into the lining, with a highly suspicious stain on the pants. (Early discharge? I’m just asking!)

    Serai, you spelt enigma incorrectly. It should have been spelt with an e instead of an i and no g. Beside that, you let Mild Bill off too easily, regardless of the vast cultural and language differences between Great Britain and the US. (This is a bathroom. You know it as a “loo.” It is where one goes to pee. Please do not relieve yourself in the kitchen sink. This is a cracker, not a biscuit. A “cracker” is also someone who lives in Florida. I don’t think you have anything like a Floridian in your country to campare to.) Mild Bill is an ex-serviceman. Active servicemen drink a lot and like to start bar fights. They’ll tell you anything to have their ways with you. (Always suspect a smiley face god icon attending something they post. It might have been placed there to put you off guard.) They generally seem to know a lot about select issues, such as world conflicts, past and present. They really do however, know a great deal about how to survive in the wilds, (places like Florida or Texas. I don’t think you have any places like Florida or Texas in Great Britain.)
    Most importantly, never discuss politics with a serviceman, especially with E-5’s and above. You’ll only end up with a skewed ideology and an unwanted child or two.

  10. Brock

    Actually that name should be modified by dropping all the letters after B and adding ipolar Disorder!  Do the docs in the mental institution you

  11. NF hmm yes what can I say? IQ’s of room temperature, short hair VERY short hair Edward Norton in American History X types actually.

    Oh and they call themselves the BNP now, the British National Party and they wear suits and stuff, and people can vote for them too!!!

  12. Gee, Mild Bill, you take things to the extreme quite a bit don’t you? Don’t worry, I’m aware of what the National Front stands for and realize, in all seriousness, that bigotry knows no borders. France has Le Front National, and it is a growing political party too, unfortunately. I only hope Serai recognizes better the innocent humor intended in my post, than you did.
    The “loo” and “biscuit” references were used jokingly to poke fun at your belief that “Serai is from England and our idioms often do not translate to English English. If you prefer, I

  13. *Gently nudges things back on topic*
    You know the thing I have always found ironic about this pray for salvation *baloney, is this notion that Gods sits there and picks out who dies and who doesn’t in a disaster, like kid with a giant pack of M&M’s who only likes the red ones. (Yes we have M&M’s in the UK now, we used to call them peanut Revels)

    When I was one of those religious **whackos or flakes I met a ***dude in the course of my ministry who brought up a good point. He asked me if I thought that God looked after his people when they prayed to him, I replied yes I thought he did, he then said so God would ignore a child who was being molested, and nip on over to help some christian find their car keys instead?

    He was responding to an article in one of the magazines I was showing him, where someone was saying how God helps the righteous even in small things if you pray. This made me think seriously about my faith, and taken in context with the scriptures that say God is impartial and we are all precious to him it opened my eyes to how *****bogus these claims are.

    *baloney substituted for rubbish in deference to American readers.

    **whackos or flakes substituted for nutcases or flippin’ mental types

    ***dude substituted for bloke or geezer

    *****bogus substituted for daft

    Footnotes brought to you by Serai’s oh so English sense of humour, no liability for error in transatlantic translation is accepted, statutory rights remain unaffected. =P

  14. Serai, we’ll make a Valley Girl out of you yet, and IB BILL, though I guess you won’t read this, you mistakenly thought I said YOU lost the argument. I was joking with Mild Bill and pretending that since your names were so similar,  he was really both of you. Get it? I have since come to realize that you likely are two separate people (or at least one and a half.) Don’t go away bored! You still have some valid questions to answer, if you’re game. If you are game (not that there’s anything wrong with that),keep in mind that nobody really loses on here…or wins for that matter.
    Serai, I think I have a sort of English sense of humor, don’t you?

  15. **nudges back off topic ** Serai, I preferred the Anglicisms. Daft and rubbish are great words.

    Now, to your point, your argument rests on the idea that God can’t do two things at once, that God is somehow limited to helping either the guy with the car keys or the molested child.  He’s not.  Bad things happen because people have free will and use that free will to do bad things. Some guy rapes his daughter and this is God’s fault?  Did He say do that?  Do you want God to zap the molester with a lightning bolt?  Do you want Him to zap everyone who does something wrong?

    Brock: Are we on the “why do good things happen to bad people, and bad things to good people” thing?  Man, this is an old argument, and thus you have earned yourself some old-style, fire-and-brimstone protestantism as an answer:

    1. Because life is tough.  There are no guarantees.  You’ve been raised up out of dust and to dust you will return and in the meantime God owes you nothing. You are entitled to nothing but six feet of earth.  Because men are whiny, vain, rebellious fools who richly deserve suffering and death.  Because God looks in hearts and sees our true motivations and finds us pathetic in our fantasies, petty ambitions, backbiting and selfishness.  He despises us as you despite a vicious, disgusting, hairy spider [or choose an animal you find repulsive] held over a flame, but in His mercy He restrains Himself from destroying the lot of us.  That’s why bad things happen.

    2. We get ourselves into our own messes.  Men make the decisions that create the (social) world we live in, for good or for ill, and we have to live with the consequences or reap the benefits. You reap what you sow … God is not mocked. Correct and holy are the judgments of God!

    Take home: We should be thankful for anything good that God gives us.  The story of Hurricane Isabel is not that some died, but that anyone survived. Because He could destroy us all, or many more if He chooses.  But in His mercy He waits to see if we’ll admit that we need Him to make our free will work to any good effect.

    There could be a simpler answer, too: In the words of Q, don’t explore outer space if you can’t handle a bloody nose.

    Here endeth the sermon. Enjoy your day.

  16. Or He would pick and choose which prayers to answer based on his own purposes, which would certainly appear mysterious to little specks of dust with three-pound brains like ourselves

    Rubbish sorry but it is. Either your God is the god of the bible or he isn’t, pulling that ‘ah but God has mysterious ways’ rubbish is just a cop out when someone points out that your God is at odds with the bible.

    I’ve studied the bible myself, and I have seen time and time again how people define their view of God from it, and then when you point out another part of the bible that says different they go all ‘mysterious ways’ on you. From which I can only conclude one of two things, a) The bible is a load of codswallop written to control people b) God is fickle and the bible is irrelevant anyway.

    For God to expect us to commit ourselves to a life changing course based upon incomplete and spurious information isn’t faith my friend, it’s downright ludicrous that’s what it is. I’d like to know how I can be judging a God when there is incomplete evidence, all I am judging is the spurious so called evidence from the bible.

    You see my whole point here really is, if one person draws a conclusion from the bible, and I can draw an utterly different conclusion about precisely the same subject from the bible, then how on earth can you be dogmatic about it? Lets be honest nobody knows anything for certain about this god of the bible, it’s all supposition (You call it faith I call it supposition )


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