I’d like to thank the Academy…

Coolness. Looks like my little spot on the web has been named the Hermit’s Cave inappropriate url OTD.  Stumbled across this in the referrer logs.

I’m constantly amazed at what other sites link back to SEB considering that it’s considered to be a controversial website by a lot of folks. Or at least by a lot of the folks who write me emails complaining about it. For example I’d never expect to be linked to by the folks who run The Parent Perspective, but they did link to my entry on the Texas Pledge Law that was passed awhile back. They did caution folks that I have some naughty words on my site (which is true), but I was impressed that they felt the comment I made was worth hearing despite the naughty bits.

Or course, for some folks the naughty bits are what make the site worthwhile. grin

4 thoughts on “I’d like to thank the Academy…

  1. I was impressed that they felt the comment I made was worth hearing

    Les, I’ve been lurking around on your site for about a week now. I found you because I was Googling around for some discussion on the Ten Commandments (I live in AL). One night I actually stayed up until sunrise enthralled in some of the more heated religious debates.

    I think every comment you make is worth hearing. I absolutely love your style! I don’t think I’ve read anything I’ve disagreed with yet.

    Maybe I’ll jump in the next time a Church/State Separation issue comes up (and don’t you attract some real winners?). Looks like great fun!

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