I wonder what this button does… oops.

SEB Lesson of the Day: When trying to solve one problem, try not to create another.

That’s exactly what I did this morning. In trying to solve a problem with stats reporting for SEB I managed to somehow screw up where the SEB domain pointed to and couldn’t manage to get things back the way they were. So if you showed up earlier and got an Apache default test page instead of SEB, well, that was my fault. Thankfully Christine at Blogomania was quick to respond and we’re back up and running after she cleaned up my boneheaded mistake. Thanks Christine!

2 thoughts on “I wonder what this button does… oops.

  1. I was reading a page and was going to another when I got that evil Apache page!  Damn it Les…don’t push the “wed” button…you never push the “wed” one!

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