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So the wife and I are considering making the jump from renting a crappy two-bedroom apartment to purchasing a manufactured home in a newer “community” about a half-hour drive from where we currently live. The possibility has me feeling both excitement and trepidation. Ideally I’d rather buy a nice used home someplace right here in Canton, but to get a three bedroom one and a half bath anything in this town requires a minimum house price of around $160,000. By comparison one of the models of manufactured homes we’re considering will cost us around $70,000 to $80,000 depending on what options we go with for a home thats over 2,000 square feet. Not bad.

The park we’re looking at putting it into is pretty nice as well. It’s less than 5 years old so all of the homes in it are also 5 years or less in age. It sure doesn’t look like your typical “trailer park” and it seems to have a nice community feel to it. Lot rent is a bit high by some standards (between $380 and $424), but not bad overall. My only real complaint with the park is the fact that the only cable service in the area is Charter Communications. I’m not so much worried for the TV aspect of it as much as I am the broadband aspect of it seeing as Charter currently charges $59.95 a month for 128K/1.5 service, which is high compared to WOW or Comcast. I’m also not sure if I’m close enough to allow for DSL as an alternative.

Beyond that, I’ve got few complaints other than I was really hoping to have a basement. Still, the model we’re looking at getting is call the Diamond Hill made by Palm Harbor homes and it’s pretty damn roomy. I tried doing some county-wide searches for used homes that were under $150,000 and almost all of them were in communities we’d rather not move to. The few bargains I did find required work and I’m no home handyman. So for the time being it looks like we’re headed toward a new manufactured home. This should be a very educational process.

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  1. Thank you for reminding me why I prefer living in North Dakota. In the small town in which I live, the average home costs are roughly one tenth what you are mentioning, and I am not exaggerating. The main penalty is I have to drive about an hour to do major shopping, but it is well worth it for me (in MN I commuted almost that far everyday). I only have one option for high speed service, but it is quite reasonable at $34.95 for 512k DSL.

  2. Yeah, but the other penalty is that you have to live in North Dakota! wink

    Seriously, it probably wouldn’t be so bad here if I didn’t have my daughter. We want to make sure she ends up in a good school district and can’t afford to put her into private school. If it were just my wife and I then we’d consider living in one of the cheaper communities to get started. It’ll all work out in the end, though.

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