High on “Angels’ Trumpets Tea”, kid cuts off his penis and tongue.

Hairboy once again manages to track down more disturbing news of stupid people doing stupid things and helping to add a little chlorine to the gene pool in the process. This story involves a student in Germany who decided to try the latest drug craze there in the form of a hallucinogenic tea made from Angels’ Trumpets (Datura).

Ananova – Student cuts off penis and tongue after drinking hallucinogenic tea

The 18-year-old, only named as Andreas W, from Halle in Germany drank a tea made with the hallucinogenic angels’ trumpet plants.

His mother said: “Andreas was behaving normally the whole day until he left the house and disappeared into the garden for a couple of minutes.”

When he returned to the house he was wearing a towel wrapped around him and was bleeding heavily from his mouth and between his legs.

The emergency doctor who arrived a few minutes later said the student had cut off his penis and his tongue with garden shears and it was impossible to reattach the organs.

Garden shears, eh? Seems somewhat poetic in some respects. This is another good reason to stick to the more traditional drugs where the side-effects are much better known and which only cause your heart to explode or something much less traumatizing than cutting off your own Big Johnson. Which, I suppose, isn’t so big for our friend here anymore.

49 thoughts on “High on “Angels’ Trumpets Tea”, kid cuts off his penis and tongue.

  1. I blame Les for this, the guy was clearly influenced by the potions creator.

    The Potion Makerandreasium is a milky, pasty fuchsia gel distilled from the liver of an alligator.angels trumpetium is a cloudy, porous white solid obtained from the flesh of a forget-me-not.Mixing andreasium with angels trumpetium causes a violent chemical reaction, producing a translucent tan potion which gives the user the power of summoning lightning.Yet another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern

  2. OMG. It seems like once he had cut off one of them, he would not have been able to cut off the other.

    Man, is he going to have a tough life.

  3. Well lemme see here……..cant lick it silly and aint got no willy to dipity dilly, jus gonna have tuh roll over and enjoy big billy…what a dummy!!

  4. I have made and taken this tea. It is very hallucinogenic drug. Luckily when I took it, it wasn’t a full “dose”. I have watched a couple friends on this when they took a full dose. They have no idea what they’re doing. If you are as dumb as I was and are going to try it you NEED a babysitter. It is funny to watch someone on it. I do NOT condon using this drug. But it is an experince. You get very very dehidrated and quick. You drink a glass of water and its hard to swallow because your throat is that dry. Also the next day when you go to piss it’s the most toxic yellow smelly piss you will ever take.

  5. What’s that Lex? Are you saying you want to end up as yet another news story about another dumbass messing around with stuff they probably shouldn’t? Hey, it’s your dick.

  6. Hey Lex, you don’t even have to bother with cooking the stuff up. You can buy it over the internet ready to go, they YOU TOO can be a willy whacker.
    Just go here to dumb down. http://www.salviasupply.com/store/angels-trumpet.html

    Ok, Ok, but maybe I do want another interesting news story. I figure nature has a way of cleaning itself of refuse. See it every day in the news. Just helping out. LOL

  7. Hey, I’m all for allowing people to get high on hallucinogenic tea and then whacking their own wee-willys off if they really want to. Just so long as they’re willing to sign an affidavit claiming sole responsibility for their stupidity beforehand.

  8. I read about that. I couldnt imagine the pain that would bring.. Or the regrets when he came down… Some people really do stupid things!


  10. I to be used Datura (or angel trumpet) im, ocultist, but i never hearing about that effects!!! But this story is amusing and funny!!! 😀




  12. You appear to have done this drug recently. Please turn off your caps lock and seek professional help.

  13. very potent shit very vivid hallucinations better than any other drug ive tried but i wouldnt reccomend taking it can send you blind, cause heart problems later on in life and i even know someone who had too much and is now brain damaged

  14. heyy

    we heard abt this rumour of this so called plant, n my mate had a tree , soo as u do we grabed abt 4 flowers ,, a bong,also boiled them in water so we cld test which was beta, effects were dizzy n stumbled when u stood up, happy, massive pupils, we read u can eat ne part of the flower, didn’t have much effect from the tea or smokin so we jsut started munchin them downn lol , pupils r still huge from yesterday hahaha , o yeh n when u sleep u r acturally half asleep n u dream that ppl r talkin 2 u n u talk bac 2 them, but u wake up every now n then in mid sentence, n look aroun wondering where every1 went lol o yeh n my curtains started swayin n almost looked like they were breathing,also blurry vison, umm but none of us got sick at all, just prety loose, read this article sum boy chopped of his wang dang n his tounge after takin the flowers, we prob shld of down a bit of research b4, coz we were smokin n drinkin heaps of it, lol owell lifes 2 short to not experiment

  15. If ever anyone needed an example of why you shouldn’t experiment with this plant then the last two comments above should be more than enough.

  16. Not for nothing is datura also know as “loco weed”.  Even I have never been tempted to try it, and that’s saying something.

  17. my boyfriend and I ate 10 of those flowers. Those will trip you out. never will do that again. im suprised i didnt die. My vision was all messed up the next morning, and i was still trippin.

  18. my mom bought this plant and then told me not to try and smoke it or make or whatever because she knew i smoked herb and took lsd shrooms and shit before .i was like why did you even say anything i would have never had any idea. but if it made some kid cut his dick off i think ill just get some beers and a bag of herb and forget my mom ever said anything. glad i looked it up first.

  19. When it comes to these kind of new herbs guys, give it a year or two to hear the stories. Also, if there isn’t an entry of the stuff on erowid.com, you might want to step away from it. Let some other idiot be the first to go where nobody has gone before. Plenty of drugs out there to be trying this crazy stuff. Fuckin’ ecstasy is safer than this shit if you stay hydrated. (Actually, it’s a rather benign drug.)

  20. BENIGN DRUG MY ASS!  3 people I know are in ICU with their kidneys failing…after having ingested this stuff!  We are not sure if any of them are going to LIVE!

  21. Fuckin’ ecstasy is safer than this shit if you stay hydrated. (Actually, it’s a rather benign drug.)

    While pure ecstasy might or might not be benign, it and other designer drugs are often adulterated with all kinds of other stuff, which is often anything but benign- arsenic, for instance.  So if you take designer drugs, you are (among other things) risking your life on the word of your dealer that the shit is pure.  Not a bet I would take.

  22. I do trumpets often unlike some other morons… I researched it first! you cant just walk into this shyt clueless or it will def freak you out! a lot of people thought they were about to die simply because they don’t know what to expect!!! knowleg is power!

    This is how it went down.
    me and a couple friends were walking down the street and we noticed some Jimsonweed at a local bar. I picked them and went home instead of continuing to our destination. I sliced the flower in half and split the seeds evenly, I then ingested Half the flower!

    Within twenty minutes I started tripping! much before I peaked I had already decided this shits way more intense than Acid!!! I looked at the phonebook on the kitchen counter and it seemed as though it was moving towards me and the counter the PB was sitting on was moving further away!

    Then from what my friends told me I striped my clothes off and walked over to our Dustbuster took the top off and started switching it on and off while staring into space.my legs felt like jello and it felt as though I could walk the world three times over again! I could only see far distance things cus my pupils were the size of saucers.

    I went to the bathroom to look at my pupils but I remember I ended up noticing all of my skin was neon red! I guess it was really hard on my body cus I got super tired super quick! I went to sleep! and, well just to worn you if your contemplating using this hallucinogen… Its really a sort of truth serum when you sleep! because my dreams were so realistic I started talking in my sleep I woke up and caught myself doing this every hour or so it was really freaky!

    apparently I answered every question my buddy’s AKA drug sitters asked me with shocking accuracy! apparently for a couple minutes while sleeping I opened my eyes and started petting my imaginary dog! LMAO Long story short, I woke up the next morning and didnt remember much! all I was able to recall that in which i just told you!

    one of the few likable things about trumpets… besides me feeling like god, There were very minimal side effects! and thats my testimony!

  23. Hi u all. In my country (Argentina) this plant is sometimes used as a hedge between houses, and the dried flowers are sold in shops, along with other herbs, but they warn you that these are for SMOKING only, because most of the plant is poisonous. It is a traditional recipe for asthma and other respiratory conditions.

  24. Angels trumpets are the most amazing plants I have ever seen.I planted a pink one at my house
    and a yellow one at my moms house. They are very pretty; however I do NOT recommend ingesting any
    part of it. I have seen many other cases [less severe] of consequences from exprementing with
    drugs and other toxic plants.Red wine is a good
    healthy alternative. This story above is a good
    example as to why people should refrain from such
    foolhardy behavior. I cant help but feel sorry for
    Persons hospitalized, blinded, brain damaged and
    otherwise negatively effected by intaking the plant. LESSON: look at it DONT eat it.

  25. Don’t know what to tell you, Kenny. Other than it makes some people cut their dicks off when they drink tea made from it, I don’t know much about it. You might have better luck at Wikipedia.

  26. The Angel’s Trumpet is known as Colombian Devil’s Breath in South America. It is highly toxic and you can die or very easily be stuck in a nightmarish trip for the rest of your life. If this isn’t enough, the drug scopolamine is also made from this plant. Scopolamine is basically roofies on steroids. The difference is that you are completely conscious, but you have no free will whatsoever. If someone tells you to empty your bank account for them, you will do it willingly. And when you wake up, you have no memory of it at all. This is just from a dose in the micrograms, because 1 gram is enough to kill 10 people. This is why some of the previous posters said that it acted as a truth serum. The CIA and Czechoslovakian Secret Police both used it as such in the Cold War era. Stay away from this plant.





  28. i have tryed this tea it is the most potent drug i have ever taken the user is absolutley unable to tell the difference between what is real and what is hallucination extremely dangerous if no one is watching you i had read it is used as a means of crossing over to the otherside an from what i remember i agree the people (hallucinations) i saw and spoke to i had never seen before some were nice but others were very scary if u are going to try this be very careful you may not make it back

  29. I know someone who tryed the tea and ended up in the hospital. And someone else I know thought that his hair was falling off his arm and thought that there were spiders crawling all over him. I dont think anyone should ever try this with or without a babysitter.

  30. My fiance ate 5 white ones and this is a short story of what happened to him. My fiance left my house sober. about an hour later someone who was with him came to my house and said that my fiance would not come home because he was busy feeding his imaginary pony. He wouldnt talk. Once i walked to where he was all he was wearing was his beanie and his boxers walking in peoples yards. I tried to talk to him but it seemed as if he did not know what i was saying. He just stared at me. A few minutes later he sat in the road almost got hit by a car then our friend walked him home. A few hours later i am woken up by cops to come and relize that my fiance was running up and down the street naked, fighting off 8 cops got tackeled and maced and didnt feel anything and continued to fight. He is only 5 foot and 120 lbs but took on these cops like nothing. End of story he was naked but still had his beanie on. He turned into a caveman for a few hours and fought cops. I dont advise people to do this flower without a babysitter. By the way it is very close to doing PCP. –taylor

  31. Yeah i wouldnt advise doing this drug
    i drank 3 mouthfulls
    and my uncle drank the rest of the cup
    my uncle was tripping hard, he had a blank look in his eyes and would do nothing but laugh and lay down, cops took him to the hospital after having 5 cops tackle him into the ambulance
    i went home, barfed, felt like i was dying, and as one of those people ^ i would catch myself talking because my dreams were so real.
    worst night ever

  32. in apothocaries of old this plant was comined with three others in a tincture and administered at extreem low dosages for a period of time to remove inhabiions and create a more cooprative subject(often given to wives by their husbands to promote cooperation and obedience)

    just mentioning it as i have a great interest in plants and their uses, and i thought somone may find this little fact interesting.

  33. 3 days in a padded room was enough for me…..they found me talking to a telephone pole….put me in an insane aslym….they didn’t think I would wake up out of it…..toxicity is very very high and if mixture is not correct you will die….if you are not a physics major DON’T FUCK WITH IT……experimented with it for months trying to get it to a tolerable amount to have fun with the drug but it is unbearable…one mg to 2 cups depending on who you are it does not matter…everyone is different…..

  34. This was popular amongst travellers when I was in Israel in 2003. It was usually made from 12 – 14 flowers in a big pan of water and sugar. I tried it on 3 occasions and slightly overdid it once. I was totally wasted for god knows how long. We all new it was “poisonous” but as it had been going on for so long without any problems we carried on. Nobody damaged their bodies and nobody died.
    I can remember talking to Abraham Lincoln for a couple of hours on one occasion. And everyone would veer off to the left when they tried to walk, never the right. And people smoking, even though they never had a cigerette in their hand.

  35. To anyone out there who is willing to try this shit, man if you’re not ready for the effects don’t do this shit. It loses you from here to fucking there. I had no idea what i was getting into, all i know is i had about close to 3/4 of a flower and had had beers n rum before. i remember my tongue n throat goin dry as hell, still remember buygin water n that shit didn’t help. after gettin some water, a few minutes after that i hardly recall any shit. My friends say i went lunatic playing soldier, almost got into a brawl with a guy cause i wanted to go into his van, a girl saw me she called me the other day. Not to mention my friends say i was talking to jesus, my girlfriend, and some other friend. oh btw since i’m an I.T guy i was repairng imaginary pc’s and playin touch screen on a fuckin tv that didnt hav any. point in all being is i hardly remember shit, all i remember is my knees goin like water, hardly stood up, peeing massive amounts of time. I lost some shit, i lost my shirt. i woke up like 3 in the morning still hallucinating but more concious. oh my friend says i went into his home n changed clothes there so i ended up with two pants n no shirt. oh and my eyes still felt like shit for a long time, blurry! this was two days ago. so be fucking WARNED! If you’re gona try this shit make sure you’re ready to do some fucked up things, i skipped out some stuff i dare not mention on here. SO BE WARNED! THIS SHIT MAKES U DO UNREAL THINGS!!

  36. I was foraging during a hike and found this plants spiky seed pouch. At the time I mistook it for edible seeds. I ate a bunch and trip my balls off. Not in a fun way. I became deathly ill for the next 3 weeks. If your going to trip on a plant, don’t use this, it is extremely painful, not worth the trip. But a little research you can make LSA from morning glory seeds. LSA is the natural form of LSD.

  37. My fiance told me about this drug/tea. He had taken about 3 years ago with a bunch of friends. Apparently you are only supposed to take 1-2 shots of this stuff… but like a bunch of dumbasses they filled up a tall red party cup and split it between the 3 of them. My fiance had no idea what happened to his friends at the time… they ALL got picked up by the cops or ambulences at some point for running around naked and talking to chocolate or thinking that God was stamping on them. But my fiance had it the worst. He drank the most because he is such a tall guy standing at 6’7 1/2″ and thought that he could handle it better than the rest of them. He remembers the beginning. He couldnt move for hours (he really has no idea how long it was) because he felt like his body weighed a ton and he told me that it felt like forever just to move his big toe. After that he remembers going outside and being extremely hot. He was eventually found in the park passed out, barely breathing and completely naked. His heart stopped for 8 minutes and the doctors almost couldnt save his life. He woke up in the hospital a week later still tripping. He said that the IV machine that he was connected to started talking to him and he thought it was R2D2 from star wars. The TV that was on hanging on an armbar in the top corner of the hospital room swung at him and then went back to its corner and continued growling at him. He tripped out so bad at this (remember this is happening a WEEK after drinking this shit!!) that he ripped ALL the cords and IV stuff that was connected to him off, ripped off the hospital gown and ran through the hospital butt naked. It took 8 doctors, his dad and both his brothers to restrain him and get him back into the hospital bed with restraints on. He didnt leave the hospital for 3 days after that. So, to conclude this… he lost a whole week and a half of his life, almost died and had to pay hefty medical bills for 1 night of fun (which he barely remembers anyways).

    Thankfully, he has no problems now. No long term effects or brain damage and he didnt cut his dick off… but at the same time, IT SO WASNT WORTH ALMOST LOSING HIS LIFE OVER!!!

    Dont do it!

  38. people try these things because other less harmful things like pot and shrooms are illegal. there is such strict regulations and laws against things that are relatively safe…that kids are forced to try things that fly under the radar. every plant, herb, new man made concoction, becomes a fad because it is new, cheap, easy to get ahold of and had no legal consequences. dont get me wrong when i say “forced” to try…i know that no one is forced to do anything. but what i mean is, kids will be kids. if they want to experiment, they will. those who are hell bent on it, will find any way possible. and laws against pot and other things make it too risky. so they search for other things.

    no one ever wants to go out and try something that will make em go stupid and hurt themselves. every one goes into thinking that they have done their homework, or heard their friends testimonies, or that they are smart enough to do it right or invincible to bad things. its a shame that everyone is so naive. but i think that the real truth to all this, is that it is the perfect example of why natural substances like pot should be legal. it is relatively safe. face it, kids are going to try things weather the rest of the world thinks its moral or not. we may as well save a few lives by making their inner searchings/mental evolutions/ or whatever you wanna call it, much safer. its sad that kids are so terified of doing things illegal that they find legal alternatives that hurt them and others 100 times as much.

    look at the track record. salvia, blue lotus, mixing the two together, morning glory, datura, banana peels, ketamine (or whatever the dog tranquilizer is called), k2, k3, all the man made versions of weed meth coke that is out now, and lets not forget about the ever present danger of alcohol. there are horror stories for all of it. people sick and dying and losing their minds left and right! all because the crack down on less harmful things is so intense.

    just my humble opinion.

  39. Sounds like his fault. You can’t do something, and blame it on something. “Well I took this and it made me”, no shut the funk up! It didn’t make you, YOU chose to. “Oh, but well I was unconcious and delirious and hallucinating”, bish I thought I told you to shunt the funk up! I’m totally cerial! Dood!! YOU TOOK THE CHEMICALS, DID YOU NOT STUDY THEM? Oh, sonny boy now ya’ done gone and done it. Now Imma hafta go ahead and make you look stupid the the fourth powerrrr!!!! So let’s real talk – You were unconscious? Faggy Boy Who Blames Things That Happen To Him On Other Things/People’s reply: “uh, well yessir! I was unconscious” Okay, so you were unconscious because?? Faggy Boy Who Blames Things That Happen To Him On Other Things/People’s reply: “Well uh I was unconscious because I took the angel trumpet” Ahh! I see, so the Angel Trumpet’s chemicals sent you into delirious hallucinations, etc. I understand, as I have actually read plenty of these chemicals. Their occurrences in other plants, their effects, their usage throughout history, growing them, their pros and cons effect-wise, experiences, health interactions, etc. I ask you now, sense you were the one who chose to consume these chemicals from the Angel Trumpet planet that made you unconscious that you, again, chose to consume of your own personal choice; What research on this planet, and it’s containing chemicals did you conduct prior to taking the multiple chemicals from the plant that “made you” cut your penis off, and in addition what solid evidence did you have after conducting your research? What preparation method did you use, as if you did enough research you’d know there’s only a couple low-risk ways of preparing it. Anyways, what’d ya know about it before ingesting it’s chemicals, like you chose to do with your own power of personal choice(please remember, anyone could CHOOSE to do this is they truly wanted to)? Faggy Boy Who Blames Things That Happen To Him On Other Things/People’s reply: “uhh, um, uh, I didn’t research it at all sir” Well then it sounds like YOU made YOURSELF UNCONSCIOUS *by* CONSUMING MULTIPLE CHEMICALS you had NO KNOWLEDGE OF. IN DOING SO, you managed to BECOME SO DELIRIOUS, you GRABBED A KNIFE (why the motherfunk would you have a knife or anything similar anywhere near you whilst tripping on Angel Trumpet’s chemicals, oh yeah, you DIDN’T DO YOUR RESEARCH!!”) and CUT YOUR PENIS OFF. Not Angel Trumpet, not it’s containing chemicals, YOU. You did it all, and it was likely you doing that to yourself for a reason, you likely deserved it for something you’ve done, and it was your mind realizing that and serving justice. I do shit like this all the time, and SENSE I’M A GOOD PERSON, I have the most wonderful experiences, even when scary. AGAIN. I’M A GOOD PERSON. If I see something scary, it may be something I’ve done wrong in my life. Well, take that opprotunity to reflect upon it in a situation like he was in. YOU DON’T HAVE TO CUT YOUR PENIS OFF. But, learn from it. It will teach you. This kid was afraid, of something, and fought it. That’s why his penis was cut off, by his own hands. He deserved it, and he knows why. Why don’t you post that story, oh wait, he won’t ever release that info because he has a scapegoat asto why it happened and asto why he has no penis, just a babystub: Angel Trumpet. When in reality, it’s his fault, entirely. FOAD you pathetic kiddie with no penis, GTFO and stop making sacred plants look bad because you’re a dumbfunking idiot! Thanks! (: Hope we all learned something today, if you’re stupid, you may as well not try to mess with these, or you’ll end up like you should be, with no penis. xDDD Atleast we intelligent trippers DO have them still. You piece of funk! ;3

  40. You lost what little credibility you might have had when you decided to repeatedly use the phrase “Faggy Boy”.

    But you keep playing with those hallucinogens and I’ll be sure to blog about you when you screw up and end up in the newspaper like this kid did.

  41. I was a babysitter for a couple of buddies who took the plant angel trumpets it is the freakiest shit I have ever seen one of them strip down naked and was trying to leave the house where supposedly my job was not to allow them to leave or harm themselves under any circumstances The other one talk to a lamp shade that had a tie hanging from it for hours he was trying to pick up the lamp shade he was talking about hey baby are you from around here what’s your name shit like that it was freaky as hell after seeing this and talking to them the next day when they didn’t remember anything I decided it’s not my cuppa tea

  42. I just read all these posts and let me tell y’all Angel Trumpets have been used in U.S.A. to get high since the 60’s. I don’t know how they stayed a so-called secret and not a big craze. Back when I did them in the late 70’s “the thing” back then was lacing your Marijuana with it. I don’t remember a lot of deaths from ingesting it but from the stupid acts done while under the influence. But a lot of same dumb shit was happening with LSD and Acid highs. We had people who thought they could fly leaping off of buildings, off of bridges, thinking they were God but the worse long lasting effect I had was flashbacks. They went on for about 5 years or so after I quit drugs. Angel dust is what the neurologist blamed it on. I quit all drugs and alcohol and got straight in 1980. Now I’m using CBD oil for medical seizure and spasms. Go figure and it don’t get you high.

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