Gasoline prices hit a record high.

What the hell happened with gasoline prices lately? I filled up on Monday and it was a $1.84 a gallon for the first time I can ever recall. According to this news article the prices are on their way back down again, but the average across the nation this past weekend was $1.76. Did we have an oil refinery fire or something I didn’t hear about? WTF?

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  1. I think the price increase was caused by a complex mix of economic factors. The Saudis decreased production, instead of increasing it, in the wake of Venezuelan and Nigerian decreases.  There was also strong domestic demand during the latter part of the summer.  Prices were further affected because oil company executives needed to finance their private jets, yachts, and numerous vacation homes.  It

  2. Hehehe sorry but coming from the UK I can’t help chuckling at Americans dismay when their petrol price goes up. You still don’t even pay half as much as we do, I appreciate that it’s all relative but it’s still amusing none the less.

    Have a look here and see if it makes you feel any better. wink

  3. Yeah.

    So many Americans fail to realize that we pay less for our gas than anyone else on the planet—far less—and we get all snarfy about $2.00 a gallon.  When was the last time anyone in Europe or Asia paid the equivalent of $2.00 a gallon?

  4. I already knew you guys on the other side of the big pond had it bad, but I didn’t realize how bad you guys had it until I checked that link. I feel suitably chastised now.

    Still, when you’re spoiled it’s that much more painful to let go of things. Ah for those days of my youth when gas was well below the $1.00 a gallon level.

  5. My guess is that price gouging added to an already artificially set fair and balanced price for oil, and Labor Day week-end guaranteed we would expect some sort of increase to take place. Still prices rose more dramatically than normal and perhaps Ken and I need to look into this as another possible example of a dark conspiracy.
    Too bad we don’t live in Venezuela where a gallon of gas cost about .40, compared to London at 5.30 (in 2000, and still close to that today, I bet). BTW, I think I’ve been in a bowling alley about twice in my life. Just wanted to let any immature Mild person out there know that.

  6. You know what really bugs me about these gas price hikes/spikes?
    We’ve got enough gas and oil stores (as in stashes, not brick n mortar) to supply the U.S. that any time there is an oil refinery fire or trouble in the middle east, the effects of the lost fuel won’t be felt here for like, 6 months.
    Corporate America just looking for a reason to gouge us, and fill us full of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt).

  7. And to listen to my conservative friends at my former exmployer, Micron Technology, during the Florida dispute, “If Gore gets elected, get ready to pay $2 a gallon for gas!”
    Now a lot of them are unemployed, the company is close to bankruptcy.
    Well, I guess THEY got what they wanted.

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