Fisherman’s head impaled by 6-foot hook.

Having trouble landing fish? Perhaps you should try a different kind of bait on your hook: – News – Fisherman’s Head Impaled By 6-Foot Hook

“We had a 25-year-old fisherman onboard a fishing vessel that apparently had a mishap with a hook that impaled his head,” Boston Emergency Medical Services Lt. Chris Stratton said.

After Boston police received word of the accident, a boat with EMS workers onboard raced to meet the lobster boat. Crews found Joe Laller with a 6-foot hook used to pull in lobster buoys stuck in his head.

“We were able to have paramedics onboard that were able to assist him. We asked if he needed any medications to help stop the pain, and we brought him in to shore,” said EMS worker Megan Tuthill.

“We enlisted the support of the fire department to cut off the hook so it was manageable enough to transport him to the hospital,” Stratton said.

Alas it was determined that not only were Fishermen not in season right now, but this fellow was under the size limit so they had to toss him back.

5 thoughts on “Fisherman’s head impaled by 6-foot hook.

  1. LOL!  Ohh man … I suppose we’ll be seeing his story on “Weirdest Medical Mishaps” or some such show sometime soon.

  2. Les

    I am starting to note a Springeresque/National Enquirer quality to some of your recent postings.  Please don’t post anything about people who change sexes from male to female and back to male so they can date themselves smile!

    I saw a story a few years back where a guy had a giant crowbar shoved through his head during a traffic accident.  It weighed something over 60 pounds and was so long, they had to cut the ends of just to extract the guy from the car!  They took him to the hospital and removed the remaining piece and actually showed him sitting up in bed awake the next day!!!

  3. Springeresque? No, I just started this new category and haven’t had much else to write about lately.

    Been kinda worn out and run down. Not sure if I’ve got a cold or something. Probably just getting old.

  4. This story is almost like going rabbit hunting, coming home to your wife/husband/bf/gf/personal sex slave, and laying your self down on the kitchen table,with a bullet wound to the leg/arm/head/tail(:s) “here you are love, I bought home the tea!!”

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